Being bullied is a horrible experience for anybody to go through. Chloe has shared her story with YoungMinds, of how she not only overcame bullying, but used it as inspiration to create change.

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#OwnYourFeed: YoungMinds and O2 have partnered to launch the campaign that encourage young people to take control of their online feeds and make social media a positive place to be.

Anyone can take part in the campaign by following along with the weekly themes on Instagram:

  • Week 1: Know your feed

Think about the content you see on your social media, and how it makes you feel through an interactive quiz. Are you:

  1. The Negative Spiral Feed
  2. The Glam Sham Feed
  3. The Energy Drain
  4. The Real Deal Feed
  • Week 2: Clean your feed

Think about what accounts you follow, and how these make you feel. Consider unfollowing or muting things that don’t support your mental health and wellbeing.

  • Week 3: Find your crowd

Build positive networks of likeminded, supportive people on your social media feeds.

  • Week 4: Say hey

Reach out to friends in a positive way through our 5 Day ‘Say Hey’ Challenge:

  • Day 1: Tag a friend in something that will make them smile
  • Day 2: Reach out to someone you haven’t spoken to in a while
  • Day 3: Tell a friend how much they mean to you
  • Day 4: Thank the person who listens to you when you’re struggling
  • Day 5: Share #OwnYourFeed with a friend

For more information about how to take part in #OwnYourFeed and to take the quiz visit