Great news! We’ve teamed up with the Tech Partnership, a network of employers who are working to create skills for the UK’s digital economy. Their ambition is to create enough skills for a million people to have tech jobs by 2025. Now, we’re working together to get you guys clued up on the benefits of digital apprenticeships and the huge range of digital careers you could have if you chose to do an apprenticeship.

Maybe your teachers keep talking about uni as if it’s the only option after college. Perhaps your parents don’t know about what else is on offer. Maybe your mates think apprenticeships are for people who don’t do too well in their A Levels.

There’s loads of misunderstanding out there about apprenticeships, so we decided to do something about it. We’ve been finding out about apprenticeships from the people who really know (you guessed it: actual apprentices) to clear a couple of things up.

We went along to O2 HQ to meet apprentices Jake, Emily, Max, Khalid and Shannon. They told us why O2 is more than just a tech company, and all about their roles which include preventing security threats from around the world and working on apps that could save people’s lives (no time for coffee runs then!).

Plus, we also caught up with Derek, O2′s Chief Operating Officer, to get his thoughts on why an apprenticeship is a brilliant way to start your tech career, and to find out why apprentices are such important staff members at O2. Take a look…

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