We LOVE a good TED Talk, so we were thrilled to team up with TEDxTeen and bring the event back to London. On the 24th June 2017, we spent the day at indigo at The O2 hearing from a whole host of inspiring young speakers about the Bold Moves they had made and the effect that they’d had on their communities.

Natalie Hampton was no exception. Her speech was all about how she responded to being bullied at school. Spoiler alert: not only did she resolve her own situation, she created a massive app to help other victims of bullying and encourage people to make new friends.

Here’s what we learned about her experience when we interviewed her backstage…

Hey Natalie! What was your Bold Move and what effect did it have?

“So my bold move stems from a pretty painful backstory, I went through pretty severe bullying at my old school and that prompted me to create an app that helps kids that are victims of bullying, or just kids that are looking for friends in general, and so my bold move is that it only takes one person to change the world, because for me having one friend to sit with at lunch saved my life.”

What’s your advice for any other young people who are thinking about making a bold move?

“I think that you shouldn’t be intimidated, no matter what, because when I presented the idea of making an app to my parents they looked at me like I was a crazy person! I was 15, knew zero coding and somehow wanted to create a global app, but then a year later, I did just that.

What may seem impossible at first can truly be possible if you put in the effort to make it succeed and that’s something that I’ve learned through going through it myself.”

Amazing! Did you teach yourself to code?

“I took a lot of online classes and I have a wonderful mentor that I got to work side by side with to help create the app. I learned so much about the tech world through him and all of the other classes that I took.”

What do you think is the secret to being confident in your idea?

“I am inspired to fight bullying because I faced it myself. I know a lot of people look at their community. Whatever you see that’s wrong with your community that you wanna fix, that’s something that you believe in, that’s something that you have passion for, and that’s how you get to stand behind your idea. If you care about it and you think it’s important, no one else can take that from you.”

Do you think our generation is more capable of incredible things than we’re made out to be by “adults”?

“Oh definitely! I’ve had the privilege of meeting so many cool people from talks like this who have just, I don’t know, coded an entire thing in their basement, or learned how to play 15 different instruments, and some of them are so much younger than I am. I feel like we have been raised in this tech generation and so it’s our turn to use that and to help create a better future for us. I definitely think that we should get more credit for what we’re capable of because I’ve already seen some pretty amazing things and I know that we’re just gonna continue on that path!”

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