This feature was written by Annalisa Davies while on work experience at GoThinkBig.

Hello! I’m Annie, and I’ve been on a two-week work experience with GoThinkBig. I’ve had a great time working with GoThinkBig and O2 Think Big, and I’ve learnt so much in such a short amount of time.

When I first saw the opportunity to work with GoThinkBig on their website, I knew I had to apply. It was actually the first opportunity I ever applied for through GoThinkBig, so I was surprised when I received an email saying I got it! The articles on how to make your standout standout, and how to improve your CV were really helpful and useful. GoThinkBig has helped so many young people get a start in their careers, and I was interested to see how it all worked behind the scenes.

My first day at the office was exciting – being greeted with party poppers was a first! Throughout my time here, I got the chance to sit in on meetings, write up case studies, edit photos from a Think Big event, and publish an article on the website (you can read it here). I also had the opportunity to tweet from the GoThinkBig Twitter account, send emails to applicants, and went through feedback surveys. I even got to attend the London Tech Mix careers event which was really fun! I enjoyed the variety of tasks I was given, and it was cool to see how everything works.

The skills I gained from the two weeks here at GoThinkBig are all valuable and applicable to other jobs. I had to be organised and manage my time efficiently in order to stay on top of my tasks for the day, and meet deadlines for the week. It has given me a great insight into what life in the office is like, and I really enjoyed working with all the lovely people at GoThinkBig and O2 Think Big.

I would definitely encourage other people to apply for other work experience through GoThinkBig, as there are so many amazing opportunities on the website and there is always something for everybody looking for a career in journalism!

Annie’s top tips for work experience…

1. Be on time

Even if you think you can get to the station in five minutes, today is not the day to test that hypothesis. You’d want to make a good impression on your potential future employers, so be punctual!

2. Make friends

We’ve all been there, that socially awkward first day, and being known as the ‘new guy’. This is easier said than done, but it is worth the effort showing that you’re human.

3. Get organised

This is SO important. Make sure you have everything ready for your first day, as this will really impress people. Remember to sleep the night before, as you don’t want huge dark circles under your eyes.

4. Ask lots of questions

If you want to be remembered and stand out from the other interns, ask lots of questions, be chatty, and never be afraid to ask for help. You need to show that you’re eager to work and help around the office.

5. Apply!!!

Even if you have doubts as to whether you’ll get a place, apply anyway. You may have a quality that the company is looking for that you didn’t even know about. Even for the most competitive opportunities, you could be one of the three successful applicants out of 143!  There are so many amazing opportunities out there, so go ahead and apply to all the ones that take your fancy.

If you want to follow my footsteps and find out for yourself what its like to work at GoThinkBig, apply for the next opportunity for August/September here.

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