There’s no such thing as a dead-end job; from Johnny Depp to Gunther from ‘Friends’these celebrities all funded their dream careers with slightly different forms of employment… 

Mariah Carey: worked as a hat/coat checker in clubs and restaurants while recording demos and trying to push her music career. According to The Warbly One, she got fired for a bad attitude but, because she needed money, went on to be a hostess, waitress and even got paid to sweep up hair in salons. 

John Hamm: Set-dresser for porn films. In his early pre-acting days, Hamm moved furniture around, earning a couple of hundred dollars a day. “I had to get by,” he’s explained. “I wanted to be an actor.” 

Tommy Hilfiger: worked in a petrol station. He used $150 saved from the job to buy bell-bottom jeans in New York’s back streets and sold them out of the boot of his car. Then he used THAT money to open up a basement shop selling incense, candles and rock’n’roll clothes. 

Johnny Depp: Telesales. He sold pens by offering customers a grandfather clock; when his supervisor wasn’t listening, he’d tell people not to buy the pens because the clock was rubbish and made of cheap material. 

Olympic athlete Cyrus Hostetler: web/graphic designer. His day job pays the bills because being a track and field athlete doesn’t earn him much. In fact, throwing the javelin made less than two grand in 2011 – although the 2012 Olympics obviously gave him a nice financial boost.

Whoopi Goldberg: Mortuary beautician. Yep, the Sister Act/Ghost/insert other Whoopi Goldberg film here star put makeup on dead people. She also had a brief dalliance with adult phone lines. We’re not sure which is worse, to be honest. 

Arthur Smith: Giant fox. The comedian had to dress in a fox costume and make customers watch his female colleague eat a burger: “The ­costume was 8ft tall and ­terrifying,” he says. “Wherever I walked, you could hear small children crying.” He’s also been a road-sweeper, a toilet cleaner and a Tefl teacher. 

James Michael Taylor (aka Gunther): The white-haired barista actually was a barista. His mate asked him to be “coffee guy” on a new show he was working on called ‘Friends’ because he knew how to operate an espresso machine. Taylor worked one day a week on the set for a year and a half as “coffee guy” while continuing to work in the actual cafe the rest of the time, before Gunther was introduced as a character.