As we all know, technology is taking over the world. And whilst that can sometimes feel a little scary, it is also super exciting.

This week, the finalists of the DL100 Awards were announced. The DL100 celebrates those that are doing amazing things with digital. This year we’re particularly excited about this. Why? Because two of our very own project leaders are on the final list! They have beaten hundreds of entries to be in with a chance of winning the award for Mobile Innovation of the Year. Here’s a bit more about them and their projects…

Claudine Adeyemi – Career Ear

26 year old Claudine Adeyemi runs Career Ear, a mobile app through which young people can talk to professionals to get career advice. Students can download the Career Ear app and type in any career-related question that they have, tag it with an industry, and have a professional (who has also downloaded the app) respond with their tips and advice. The aim of the project is to improve accessibility to quality careers advice.

”I am often told by young people that careers advice services are out of date and only cover a handful of professions. I wanted to create a platform that would be accessible to all, no matter what your background or geographical location is. That’s how Career Ear was born!

”I had zero tech knowledge at the beginning of this project but was able to manage the project through to having a mobile app go live in both the App store and Play store. I cannot describe my excitement (and relief) when I got the email confirmation that the app had gone live and was available for download!”

Lewis Hine – Friend Finder

Lewis was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 17 months. He has had more than 13 brain operations and suffers from seizures most days. Spending so much time in hospital throughout his life has meant that Lewis has struggled to make friends. This is why he set up Friend Finder, which helps children who miss a lot of school to make friends. He runs events, and uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology to help those that can’t communicate easily to connect with each other. Lewis recently turned 16 and posted a moving video about his challenges that has now had over 30 million views – watch it here.

Vote for them!

Voting to decide award-winners has now opened to the public, which is where you come in. If you feel inspired by their stories, help them get to the top by voting! It takes two seconds, and your vote will help them continue to use tech to create change in communities.

Browse the brilliant finalists and cast your vote here.

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