A few weeks ago, we launched the hunt for Go Think Big’s new blogger. We wanted to find someone who could voice all the hard, infuriating and  challenging parts of job hunting faced by young people, and make us laugh too. You lot didn’t disappoint. We had over a hundred applications and after a LOT of deliberation, we managed to whittle the list down to three people that stood out to us the most; Leila, Emily and S.J.

Now it’s up to you to decide who you want to be crowned as the voice of Go Think Big. We need you guys, the readers of Go Think Big, to take a look at Leila’s blog post below, then check out Emily‘s and S.J.‘s and vote for your favourite. The person with the most amount of votes on Monday 27th March at 12pm will be our next blogger! Got it? Let the voting begin!

Leila’s blog post: Education is a bit like Shrek…

I would rather tell someone that they have a sexually transmitted disease than tell a careers advisor that I don’t really fancy going to university. I have come to this conclusion having tried the latter- I cannot physically envisage a more uncomfortable interaction.

Being 18, and thus in the prime of my youth, I have been clearly advised to enter such an institution in order to seek inner peace at the bottom of endless cider cans and find myself through tribulations of “how much caffeine can I consume before my brain literally dissolves?” and “can I afford to purchase tampons this month?”. At least these are the anecdotes I hear, daily. Also, conceptually putting myself into £44,000 of debt to continue my slog through the British education system somehow doesn’t seem that appealing.

I love learning. I don’t want to stop. But I genuinely believe that sitting amongst a group of other brain-dead young people whilst  listening to an older person preach at you from approximately 5-15 meters away is not the only method.

I want to do an apprenticeship.

I want to learn whilst working practically, I want to improve myself through trial and error. I don’t want to be sermonised. I don’t want to wonder whether I can afford to have a period every month.

With applications beginning now, I sought advice from my sixth form careers advisor. You’d think she’d have been delighted. I want a career. Her job is to make teenagers want to have a career. Alas. It was explained to me (very patronisingly) that as a bright young woman, I should go to university. I cannot possibly know what I want to do with my life yet. Which is clearly why she believes I should put myself into thousands of pounds of debt doing something I do not want to do for three years in order to figure it out? She also mentioned that I may find entering a career in media difficult, yanno being a young brown-ish female from Wales. The media is made up of middle aged, middle class straight white men after all.

Surely, the only way to change that is to dive in head first and stop taking advice from people who have left their brain in 1942?

So, my journey begins here. From this month onwards I will begin an intense traineeship of application technique, interview mastery and I will go out and purchase a blouse. This is how I plan to officially become a desirable candidate for interactive learning.

As my one true idol Shrek once said “Ogres have layers”. I believe education is not dissimilar to an Ogre in this vain. And I’ve simply had enough of this layer. It’s time for a new one.

Voting is now closed, we’ll be revealing the winner soon!