Summer may seem like a long way away, but businesses big and small are already recruiting for apprenticeship roles starting during the sunny months, and you have a chance to be one of the lucky few. Sky are one of those companies after bright-eyed young people to join them, and as we’re helping them find the best of the best (that’s you), we’ve got the inside scoop from a current apprentice along with one of the people who’ll be going through applications.

The apprenticeships available are much different to work experience and internships, mainly because you can become an actual paid employee after successfully completing the training course. Interested? You should be, so read on to see what Kiran, a current apprentice, and Poonam, one of BSkyB’s senior consultants, have to say…


I was in sixth form studying Business Studies, Fine Art and Psychology, which was a great educational experience. The ground of my education strengthened my interests in Business and I have great passion for the subject as what I learned drove me to pursue a career in business, fortunately with Sky.


University certainly isn’t for everyone, and apprenticeships are an alternative route which is more proactive as you learn on the job, gain valuable knowledge, skills, and recognisable qualifications while earning money at the same time. It’s always been my ambition to work for a reputable organisation such as Sky due to it being the fastest-growing provider of home communication in the UK, which is what initially appealed me the most. Also I was seeking to broaden my horizon, having completed my study of business from GCSE to A-levels and wanted to gain working environment experience.


I think I was successful because I have the right skills and knowledge in business admin. I am a hard-working and determined individual that strives for nothing less than the best. I take a lot of pride in my work and I try my best in everything. I think that I am a highly enthused and confident person who is more than happy to take on responsibility for achieving objectives and results as I set myself high standards that I work to. Also I think my assessor/interviewer picked up my qualities in a short space of time which contributes to my accomplishment.


I have gained job-specific skills such as the ability to work very well both individually and within a team. Also the ability to delegate responsibility through tasks to my colleagues whilst managing events. I have also been able to expand my computing skills with further strong understanding of a number of Microsoft Office programmes like Excel!


A general day at Sky is challenging yet still so fun! It’s great to talk to different internal and external stakeholders of Sky as it helps me to develop people skills. Also when I am approached with different situations, it tests me to my limits and I like challenge as I feel like I am learning new things every day.


As I am in HR, the people we employ play a huge role within Sky because without them, Sky wouldn’t be where it is today. What they do on a day-to-day basis contributes to the success of the business and the HR department played a key role in planning and building an innovative workplace. This has resulted in increased worker productivity which results in achieving the goals of Sky. We have to ensure we hire the correct people with the right skills and qualities to achieve objectives required that are set within our organisation.

Would-you-encourage-people-to-apply-If-so-what-advice tips-would-you-give-them-to-be-successful-

I would say go for it! I’m really enjoying my apprenticeship, and I would advise those applying to be clear and concise on why you want to join the company and specifically the role you’re applying for. Also the interview is a key stage for you to get portray your experiences and qualities. And finally, don’t be nervous!

And now for advice from Sky…


In applicants, we look for good communication skills, an eagerness to learn, initiative, proactivity, team-working skills, enthusiasm and passion for Sky. Also, a real interest in the area they are applying to is crucial with examples of what you have done to demonstrate this interest.


They can impress us by ensuring they have done their research and by demonstrating how passionate they are about working for Sky and their desire for the area they want to apply to. But this extends beyond the basics and the info readily available on the website; we are looking for examples of what they’ve done to demonstrate that passion, whether through extra-curricular activities, accomplishments at college or school or any relevant work experience.


Apprentices receive an enriched experience by gaining valuable on the job training, support from a manager and buddy, and a bespoke training and development plan to develop their softer skills. In addition, working alongside acclaimed professionals in the industry and gaining valuable skills needed to succeed in the working world. Sky’s apprenticeship opportunities are permanent roles so we look for individuals who want to kick start their career with us.


Apprentices form part of our long-term strategy to bring in essential skills for the future and offer young people a route into Sky. We encourage our apprentices to contribute from day one as we think it’s important to empower them in their roles and to feel part of the team from the start. Their responsibilities vary across the business but they can expect to be given exposure to real work and projects as we think this is the best way to learn.


Sky is an exciting place to kick start your career as it’s constantly evolving and innovating the latest technologies, thrilling-content and pioneering products which makes every day different. The environment is extremely fast-paced which creates ample opportunities to learn and grow as an individual as well as the chance to develop your career at the same time.

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