Wanna work in music, journalism, film, radio or find out where an apprenticeship could take you? Of course you do, because planning your future is actually kind of exciting, right?  OK, well we know that it takes a lot of work, but to help you out we’ve set up some sessions to give you that insight into your dream industry…

Our Careers Unlocked sessions will feature an expert panel of industry big-wigs who’ll be dishing out advice on how they made it in their chosen field, an array of delicious snacks and drinks, and an opportunity to network with your peers and the career experts at the end of the session.

If you *still* need another reason to come, we’ve got another three, so take a look below to find out why you definitely shouldn’t miss this career-boosting opportunity…

1. Careers Unlocked is totally free and accessible

careers unlocked

No charge to come to the event! Source; Giphy

If you’re keen to come along to more than one, no worries because we’ve spaced them out across October and November and as always, they are totally free!  Exact times and speakers will be confirmed soon, but here’s the timetable for Careers Unlocked so far…

Mon 16 Oct – Music (Go Think Big Hub, Hoxton Square)
Tues 24 Oct – Film ( O2 Store Of The Future, Westfield)
Wed 30 Oct – Media  (Go Think Big Hub, Hoxton Square)
Mon 6 Nov – Radio  (Go Think Big Hub, Hoxton Square)
Mon 13 Nov – Apprenticeships  (Go Think Big Hub, Hoxton Square)

2. You get to mingle with industry experts

careers unlocked

Get where you want to be (Source; Giphy)

You’ll be able to have one to one conversations with people who’ve forged a career out of what they love doing; whether their route has been through internships, an apprenticeship, or something else. You’ll also get the chance to network with employees from huge companies like Virgin and Absolute Radio - invaluable right?!

3. You can get an insight into your dream job

careers unlocked 4

This could be you (well, maybe a bit more impassioned) Source; Giphy

There’s no way to truly know what a career in radio or film is like until you speak to someone who’s done it, but the beauty of our event is that there will be speakers from a range of backgrounds; full-time employees, freelancers, entrepreneurs and newly-employed people. This means the speakers will be able to talk frankly about *all* the different career stages and various routes into the industry, so you can get helpful advice on how to get started, as well as career progression once you’ve got your foot in the door, so you can be well on your way to landing that dreamy position…

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