Great news! We’ve teamed up with the Tech Partnership, a network of employers who are working to create skills for the UK’s digital economy. Their ambition is to create enough skills for a million people to have tech jobs by 2025. Now, we’re working together to get you guys clued up on the benefits of digital apprenticeships and the huge range of digital careers you could have if you chose to do an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeships offer a great opportunity for you to learn on the job, gain new skills and valuable experience whilst developing your confidence. But do you know what is actually possible as an apprentice? Tech apprentices are at the forefront of technology and are a step ahead of those in other sectors.

In this video we meet with Joshua Uwadiae who joined eCourier as an IT Support Apprentice in 2012. In less than two years he became a manager in the same company, where he was also responsible for recruiting future talent into the business… including Graduates!

In 2015 Joshua left his role to pursue his passion and drive to help as many people as possible. Now, he is Co-Founder and CEO of tech start-up WeGym, which helps connect like-minded people to share the cost and experience of a personal trainer. Starting in London, Joshua’s ambition is to grow in the UK and eventual become a global movement.

As Joshua says “apprenticeships are limitless” and his story shows how true that is. Take a look…

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