• Like-minded businesses can advertise their paid internships and opportunities for young people to develop new skills
  • We believe that employers have as much to learn from young people as young people have to learn from employers
  • You can help us shine a light on opportunities that celebrate creativity and innovation

GoThinkBig.co.uk will bring fresh thinking to the world of work experience; creating new possibilities for young people today for their working lives tomorrow – and we want like-minded businesses to get involved and share their opportunities too.

In this period of great change, people are constantly being challenged to think differently about work, whether it’s cutting costs, embracing new technology, flexible working or even the way we present ourselves. And with the pace of change in the digital revolution, we have the opportunity to reinvent the rules every day.

The partnership between O2 and Bauer believes in finding causes for optimism in this “re-boot” generation; in recognising that we as employers have as much to learn from young people as young people have to learn from us. It will celebrate new ideas and empower young people to create exciting opportunities for themselves.

Joining us on GoThinkBig.co.uk

GoThinkBig.co.uk is a mass engagement platform which will provide young people with meaningful work skills and experiences to help them on their journey to success.

GoThinkBig.co.uk will shine a light on working practices that celebrate creativity, innovation, the digital economy and contemporary culture, including journalism, content creation, entertainment & media. More broadly, O2 and Bauer will seek to find opportunities and champion other businesses and organisations that will embrace and invest in the transformative ability of young people.

Opportunities and integrity

We want to improve access to inspiring, relevant work skills opportunities that don’t exploit young people. This isn’t about making tea or stuffing envelopes – it’s about businesses who are committed to using the skills, capabilities and expertise of their workforce to help young people get a foot on the ladder. So, to help us ensure that we’re offering all GoThinkBig.co.uk young people a quality experience, we’re asking businesses to sign up to offer opportunities and commit to support the GoThinkBig.co.uk Talent Manifesto. 

Joining us is simple…

If you are a company with skills or opportunities that you would like to promote on GoThinkBig.co.uk or if you like what we’re doing and would like to contribute in any way please email us at joinus@o2ThinkBig.co.uk – and we’ll get right back to you.