John Moore, a soon-to-be student, will have his first year at uni branded by Pot Noodle, a large portion of his tuition fees paid and a party thrown in his honour, after winning the Pot Noodle scholar competition. 

Having entered the competition with a video showing him going in search of the last ever Pot Noodle (only to find it was all a dream, and there are still plenty more kicking about), John and nine runners up will also win cash prizes for challenges set throughout the year by the noodle giants. There can only be one winner, though, and that winner will have his student life branded by Pot Noodle – including everything from tee shirts to bedsheets.

“Student life isn’t always easy, juggling study with part-time work can be tough – especially with university fees rising,” explains John, from Hanley in London. “Not only will this prize actually make a real difference to my life, I get to complete some insane tasks, have a laugh and become a campus legend with it!”

The competition went live last September and was conducted via Facebook, with Pot Noodle fans voting their favourite entry video. “We were extremely impressed and entertained by the calibre of quirky competition entries, but there could only be one winner,” said Karl Roche, Pot Noodle’s brand manager. “John has proven to be the perfect Pot Noodle Scholar and we have every faith he is the right man for the job. Not only is he is a clear leader but he also has a great sense of humour and quirky personality, which is very much aligned with the brand.”

Best of luck to John and here’s hoping he doesn’t prefer Super Noodles…