Here at Go Think Big, we’re all about helping you guys find a career path that’s right for you. For some of you that’s advertising, for others it’s music and for many of you it’s journalism. And whilst work experience, paid internships and full time employment are still really effective routes into many industries, entrepreneurialism is on the up. In fact, government research showed that entrepreneurs were starting new companies at a record pace of 80 an hour in 2016!

That’s a whooole lot of start-ups.

After looking into this, we’ve decided to start a new series of features all about entrepreneurialism. Over the coming months, we’ll be talking to project leaders on O2’s The Environment Now programme about how they have kicked off their start-ups. The Environment Now, which is funded by O2 and the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, and managed by National Youth Agency, offers 17-24 year olds £10,000 to solve pressing environmental issues using technology.


We’ve been blown away by the ideas…


LettUs Grow, whose slogan is ‘Less Waste, Better Taste’, aim to get all of us to grow salad and herbs in our own homes. They are using aeroponics technology, which means that even those of us that are city dwellers with zero outdoor space will be able to grow our own food with their soil-free system.


Hana runs a project called Carbon Watch, a mobile phone app that helps us understand how much carbon is wasted when we use electrical items in our home. So next time you put on a wash at the most carbon intensive time of the day, Hana’s app would suggest an alternative time to do it, which would make your wash that bit cheaper and better for our environment.


Meanwhile Raymond is working in the world of gaming. He is developing a Pokemon Go-esque game to make recycling fun for school kids.


As you can see, there are some pretty impressive ideas, and these are just a few. In upcoming features we’ll catch up with all the project leaders on The Environment Now programme. We’ll be covering topics like finding affordable space, perfecting your pitch and why having a mentor means everything. They will be sharing their experiences of launching their start-ups, with top tips, no-goes and the things that they have learnt along the way.

So if you’re wondering whether entrepreneurialism is for you, stay tuned, we’ll be back in a month with more of the down low. And if you’re feeling super inspired and ready to go, find out more about The Environment Now and apply here.

The Environment Now programme is funded by O2 and the National Lottery through the Big Lottery Fund, and is part of the Our Bright Future programme. It is managed by the National Youth Agency.

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