While there’s no telling what performers on stage at The O2 Arena might turn up in (when we went to see Rihanna, she was basically naked), those working behind the scenes are a little more conservative… but still look gorgeous, obviously. We talked to some of the team at The O2 about their office style and how they got their careers off to such an exciting start… 

Diane Campbell

I got my break because… I worked on a placement with O2 while at university studying for my business degree. I worked across sport and music sponsorship with companies such as Arsenal FC and the O2 academies and loved it. Luckily when I finished my degree I was offered the same job but at the just-opened (back in 2007) O2 arena, and I’ve been here ever since!

The rules here are… wear what you like if there’s no event, but if we’ve got clients coming in dress smart and professional.

I’m wearing… Dress: Oliver Bonas, cardigan and shoes: Topshop


Richard Parry


I got my break because… Like so many others, I wanted to make some money at the start of my career and got a job in recruitment… only to realise I hated it and couldn’t wait to get out. A friend recommended me for a job in another friend’s event production company and it went from there, and after two years I got this job at 02 four years ago.

The rules here are… Be casual and be yourself, don’t worry too much about what to wear and what not to wear.

I’m wearing… Jeans: Diesel, shoes: Fred Perry, shirt: Levi’s

David Marshallsea


I got my break because… I’m actually an actor by trade, but after working in a bar whenever I needed some extra cash I wanted something different and more flexible than a pub. That’s when I heard about the O2 Angels, the promotional staff that work at O2 events and venues across the whole company. I’ve been working on and off as one now for six years and I’ve worked everywhere from the O2, the Academies across the country, to sporting and corporate events. 

The rules here are… To wear our O2 Angels uniform when working, but when we’re preparing before an event or in the office we usually dress casual.

I’m wearing… T-shirt: vintage, jeans: Topman, shoes: Duff

Katie Blackburn

I got my break because… I didn’t want to be a dancer anymore, but I didn’t have a degree and in my spare time between dancing jobs I used to be an O2 Angel. In an O2 newsletter I saw that they were looking for an event manager, and with my previous experience helping them with promotions in events I applied. After three pretty tough interviews I got the job, and here I am!

The rules here are… Everyone knows if I don’t have an event on, I’ll be wearing my Uggs. It’s become common office knowledge! If there’s something going on though, it’s heels all the way.

I’m wearing… boots: Faith, jeans: Dorothy Perkins, jacket and top: Oasis