In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve got a heck of a lot of work experience at Sky up for grabs right now. The Sky team are offering you the amazing chance to try out everything from TV Production to Finance at their offices, but what kind of work experience applicant are they looking for? It turns out, whether you’re going for a HR role or a placement with Soccer AM, there are certain things that Sky will always want to see in your application.

So we caught up with Camilla from Sky’s HR team to find out the magic formula that could help you make it onto work experience with Sky. Check out her tips for an amazing application below…

Say Why You Want To Do Your Work Experience At Sky

“You could do Finance work experience anywhere, and you could do Production work experience at loads of different indie companies or broadcasters, so we need to know why you want to come and do it at Sky,” says Camilla. “What we’re expecting is that people have really researched Sky. They’ve looked on our corporate site, they’ve looked at what we’ve been saying in the news recently, they might have a story about Sky in their own lives.”

“I’m really impressed when people either talk about a product that we’ve recently launched, or talk about a news article we’ve featured in,” says Camilla. “Whatever it is, you just need to have researched Sky and told us why we as a business are of interest to you.”

Explain Why You’re Applying For That Department

“Again, this one is about making sure you’ve done your research,” explains Camilla. “Let’s say you were going for a role in Sky Production Services, I would expect you to have researched what content we produce. If you researched that, you would find out that we produce Soccer AM, you would find out that we’re accelerating spending on original content with Fortitude leading the way, and you would talk about that and say why you think that’s really interesting or really exciting.”

So has anyone ever really shone when it comes to knowing a department inside out?

“I saw a really good application for Sky Sports where someone talked about the fact they’d watched it since they were nine!” says Camilla. “They wrote about the differences between Soccer AM and Saturday Night Football shows, telling us what they liked and disliked about each and they said they’d noticed on the Sky Sports News app we’d started having more statistics and they really liked it because no one else does as much.’”

So how does this apply to the other departments?

“If you’re going into News, look at what different platforms we’re on,” suggests Camilla. “Talk about how you’ve seen that we’re on Snapchat now and you think that’s cool and sets us apart. It shows that we’re a business that are really interested in digital skills and you’re a young person and you can bring those!” she says.

“If you’re applying for Entertainment, you need to be able to name our channels,” she says. “You don’t need to have Sky at home, that’s not the important thing, it’s all about research”.

Tell Us What You’ll Get Out Of It

“In the adverts we always talk about what you’re going to do while you’re here, so I’m expecting people to talk about that in their applications,” says Camilla. “So, let’s say if you’re applying for HR, you’re probably going to talk about the fact you get to rotate around five different departments, and think that’s gonna be really helpful to get a much broader understanding of what a career in HR could look like. Talk about what you’re going to get out of it and what you’re interested in learning.”

So what if it is your first ever real work experience? Are you allowed to say that? Or do you need experience to get experience?

Camilla says it doesn’t matter if you’ve never been in a professional environment before, but it’s important to prove that you’re passionate. “We get loads of applications that say: ‘I’m really passionate about working in Creative’, or ‘I’m really passionate about working in Finance,’ but you’ve got to justify that,” explains Camilla. “So say something like: ‘the fact that I am the Treasurer for my university hockey team demonstrates my commitment to doing a career in Finance,’ or, ‘my passion for working in Creative is demonstrated by the fact that I volunteered my time to design the front cover of my university newspaper’, or  ‘I have shot a little video on my iPhone, edited it and put it on YouTube and now it’s got 400 views. That’s given me a real flavour for Production, and although I’ve not had experience before, this demonstrates my passion and now I’d like to come in and get professional experience’”.

Show Off About What You’ll Bring To The Team

The final thing Camilla wants to know? “What is it that you think you’re going to bring to the experience that makes you stand out?”

What does that mean? “We are definitely not only looking for people who’ve had experience, it’s not about that at all, it’s just about the fact that you’ve done something that demonstrates your interest,” explains Camilla. “Is it that you have done some volunteering that means you’ve had a little bit of experience and you’re going to bring that with you? Is it that you’ve had no experience but you’re someone that has bothered to teach yourself to code in your own time? Or have you signed up for a Photography course so that you can learn a bit more about imagery?”

Ready to apply? Check out Camilla’s top tips…

Write your answers in a Word doc first: “It’s worth writing your answers in a Word document and making sure that you’ve done a spelling and grammar check before filling in the application boxes online,” says Camilla. “So often we get silly spelling and grammar mistakes”.

Focus on one thing : “Only apply for things that you’re genuinely really passionate about,” says Camilla. “It’s better to do one really focused application, than a few really broad applications.”

Take in the feedback: “We always let everybody know if they are successful or not,” says Camilla. “If you’re unsuccessful, we will send you three pieces of feedback on how you could improve your application. We encourage people to re-apply another time and when screening applications we would never look to see if you’ve been unsuccessful a previous time”.

Work experience with Sky is available throughout the year, so keep your eyes peeled on our opportunities page and Twitter to see when applications open. To see what you can apply for at Sky right now, click here

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