You’ve got handshakes down, you’re a natural when it comes to topical-but-work-appropriate small talk, and you’ve finally mastered keeping cool under pressure. Job interviews? Pfft, they’re a breeze right? Think again. Because juuuuust when you’ve crowned yourself King Of Interviews, BAM! Some evil person invites you to a video interview and you’re suddenly back to square one. But this time, you’re watching questions flash up on a screen and answering them into a webcam, unable to know if you’re saying the right thing because there’s no one there and your answer is being recorded. Shirt and tie on (with your PJ bottoms on where the webcam can’t see, duh) praying that the wifi holds out and your mum doesn’t burst into your room without knocking like she always does no matter HOW MANY TIMES  you’ve told her not to.

What is this fresh hell?!

Turns out, we might actually have sliiiightly overreacted. We caught up with video interview experts Andrea and Charlotte to find out more…

“Video interviews allow us to see more about you, your passion and enthusiasm,” Andrea, a Resourcing Business Partner from O2 told us. She’s watched loads of video interviews and uses them to whittle down candidates applying to work at O2.

“Video interviews are different to a normal interview as you don’t have the interaction with the interviewer,” she said. “I think the challenge is that it may not come naturally to some people and they may feel nervous.”

So, does she have any tips for getting used to it? “I would advise people to relax and just be themselves,” Andrea recommended. “Try to be confident and do some research into the company and role you are applying for before you start.”

It’s pretty weird doing a job interview from home. What do you wear? Where do you sit? Is it OK if your Drake poster and unmade bed are clearly visible in the background?!

“I would say do whatever feels comfortable but think about where you are applying,” Andrea says. “We would not expect people to wear a suit, just be smart, make sure the room you are in is quiet and ideally that there’s not too much going on in the background!”

Charlotte, a Managing Consultant from Cut-e, agrees. Her company help to make online tests and interviews used by loads of big employers, including O2, Bauer Media and Adidas. “Treat it like a real interview,” she advises. “Dress appropriately and ensure you have a tidy, quiet setting and won’t be interrupted!”

Cut-e also recommend doing your interview in a plain room if possible. After all, you should be the focus of the interview! They also suggest making sure you’re not in an empty room, the more stuff in there, the less chance of your answers sounding all echo-y.

And what if it all goes wrong? You don’t have to worry about wifi connections in a normal job interview!

“Just remember everyone else feels the same and things happen, so just go with the flow,” Andrea told us. “Try not to feel nervous, be as confident as you can and be yourself”.

Andrea and Charlotte’s Video Interview Dos and Don’ts…


Applying for an O2 apprenticeship? Here’s what to expect from the video interview…

“Applicants will be asked four questions on the video interview,” Andrea told us. “You will have time to read the questions and then think about what you want to say.”

“There is a practice question which you can take your time to answer and record and watch back to see how you look and sound.  When it comes to the interview itself, you have one minute to prepare and then two minutes to answer, so use your time wisely,” Charlotte recommends.

And what can you do to stand out? “One video interview we had the person used a microphone and really presented well,” Andrea told us. “Sometimes doing something different is a good idea!”

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