Life can suck, especially when you’re unemployed and feeling like nothing’s going your way. Too down to apply for that job? Can’t face another rejection? Sit back and let Shawn Anderson, six-time motivational author and general Kick Life In The Balls master, motivate you. Because, let’s face it, we all need a bit of a jump-start sometimes.

Obligatory background bit: Shawn has interviewed hundreds of people over the last few years who have experienced tragedies, setbacks and failures – he then put together a list of five tips to help us all get through those difficult times like a boss. Oh, and 444 cities in America have named 1 November as ‘Extra Mile Day’ in recognition of his amazing work helping people go that, erm, extra mile. Well done, Shawn.


Obviously so much easier said than done, but nobody got anywhere by giving up. Don’t let the bastards grind you down or, worse, make you feel like you’re aiming too high – stick to your goal no matter what has happened. “Tragedy might have happened, huge mistakes might have been made, but the world continues. People who have walked successfully over life’s hot-coal moments always keep going,” says Shawn.


“It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the ‘What am I going to do now?’ feeling, but extra-mile people focus on the now – they don’t let thoughts of how they’re going to deal with tomorrow defeat them,” Shawn says. So stop worrying about what’s going to happen in the future – it’s up to you to shape it, so take control and start! That’s a sort of metaphor for “start applying for the jobs you want to have, or setting up projects that are going to make you happy”.


Don’t go through it on your own – meet up with your mates who are also unemployed or feeling low and have a good old natter. Or seek out help from the sorts of people that totally inspire you, or maybe those who already have the jobs you want – that way you can get great advice plus a bit of a confidence boost. If they did it…. so can you: “By forging relationships with positive, move-forward type people, you can trigger positive energy to flow back into your life,” says Shawn.


Isolating yourself by drawing the curtains and staying in bed won’t ever make you feel better – in fact, it could draw the whole sorry process out for even longer: “It’s easy to want to hide in a cave after something bad happens, but the longer we stay in the cave, the more challenging it is to ever leave it,” say Shawn. Pull up those blinds, get out of bed, fire up the laptop and start your day. You can do it.


“Extra-mile people support themselves with their own words and actions. They don’t let negative self-talk rule their brains, and they make sure not to surrender to negative, self-defeating emotions,” Shawn explains. Check out these mega-inspirational quotes to help push that horrible “YOU CAN’T DO IT” voice out of your head, and maybe also check out this list of all our happiest and most uplifting articles . We promise they’ll make you feel loads more positive!

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