Is it worse than a phone interview? Is it better? Who can tell?! One thing’s for sure, you can definitely do it wearing no trousers (provided your lower body isn’t visible on the camera) plus a few more, slightly more helpful, tips for Skype interviews. Includes a picture of a cloud that looks like a man waving.  

Alright, probably do wear trousers because what if the screen drops suddenly? Or you’re sat in front of a reflective surface? Smart casual is the best to opt for if you’re unsure, but if it’s a corporate environment than a shirt and tie would be the most appropriate. If you’re going for your first job and are Skyping from home in a full suit, this might come across a bit odd. So, you hang out at home in suits do you? 

The intention of a job interview is to create as much of a connection with your interviewer as possible, and it’s hard to make a connection with a dark blob. Or a sheet of dark. Or a very white, blinding, shaft of light. Use the old common sense compartment and don’t sit with a window behind you. Sit facing a window, if possible. Or turn on loads of lights. Either way, transforming yourself into a bizarre moving shape probably won’t land you the job. 

Switch the webcam on and record a video with your mate asking questions or, if you have no friends, come up with your own. Sorry, available. No friends available. Anyway, we have a cool job interview tool you can get some questions from if there’s no one about – it’s a good idea to see how you look when you’re talking, and whether you’re doing any mega weird things. Like poking yourself in the eye at the beginning of every alternate sentence beginning with a vowel. Or something. 

Just like a phone interview, you’ve got to talk slowly and clearly without sounding like a robot who’s never seen a video link-up before. Even if you genuinely haven’t, this is a chance to display your ease with technical equipment as well as your insanely impressive employability score (there’s no actual rating, but let’s say it’s out of five and a half). So talk clearly, naturally and keep practising until you’ve managed to get this down; stilted, rushed, mumbling or grandma-like over articulation (think “IS THISSS RECORDDINNNGGGG”) won’t impress. 

Not on the desk in front of you, because you’ll end up staring down instead of gazing directly in their screen-eye (don’t pretend the webcam lens is an eye because that’s terrifying). Instead, try post it notes around the screen, or stick up a alrge A3 poster on the wall behind the laptop, a bit like an autocue for a newsreader. That way you can refer to them if you get stuck and get back on track with your interviewer left none the wiser – go you! Spontaneous, relaxed, charming you! NB: don’t read directly off notes because this will not sound natural. Only use prompts to remind you of the general subjects you want to talk about. 

If you get disconnected, which – let’s face it – you probably will, use this time to compose yourself while waiting for them to call back. Don’t manically try and call them back or throw the computer at the wall. Refocus on your notes, take another deep breath and say something empowering like “YOU’RE GOING TO NAIL THIS”. If there’s a persistent problem with the link, you could suggest FaceTime or continuing the interview via audio only, but let them lead the interview. While showing you’re able to come up with solutions, and not panic, in the face of a problem. 

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