So we’re slap-bang in the middle of ye olde party season and Christmas shindig invitations seem to be falling from the air like a flurry of snowflakes. Or bombs. Please delete according to how much you’re looking forward to/dreading the aforementioned parties and/or shindigs.

Inevitably you will be invited to drinks with co-workers, but how on earth can you go straight from the office to the bar without looking like an extra from Wall Street? And, more importantly, how are you supposed to come into work the next day after late-night ‘extra-curricular activity’ without your co-workers noticing?

Well, luckily for you, GoThinkBig have got all the answers and provided the definitive guide to going from your office, to a Christmas party, and back again whilst still looking stylish and (more importantly) fresh and work ready.

You’re welcome!

Stage one: the office

So you’re at the beginning of an office-party-office marathon and it’s important that you come prepared. For both sexes it’s vital that a spare pair of pants, a toothbrush and a deodorant stick are packed safely into your desk drawer ready for use tomorrow morning. Some aspirin, perfume/aftershave and dry shampoo (we love Trevor Sorbie’s beautiful dry shampoo because it smells lush) are optional, but happy, extras. Oh and a brush – the Tangle Teezer works on even the most dreadlocked bed heads. 

For girls, stock up on easily packed but not easily creased separates – think a skirt, a shirt, a pair of trousers and some flat shoes – that can be mixed and matched with your party outfit easily. For men, wear your usual suit, but make sure to pack a jumper and a couple of extra shirts, one for the party and one for the office the next day. If you’re tempted to wear the same shirt you wore last night to work the next day I beg of you, PLEASE reconsider. No one needs to smell your party pits in the morning meeting.

Here’s how we’d do day one:


White office shirt: Topman £26.00 

Red skirt with mini frill: Zara £39.99 

Black patent brogues: Next £45.00


Black slim suit: Topman £110.00 

Blue flannel shirt: Topman £30.00 


Stage two: party time

Wahoo!! It’s party time and there is sambuca EVERYWHERE.

Girls – it’s simply rude not to wear something red and/or sparkly – but that doesn’t mean you have to be kitsch.

Boys – be warned, a festive jumper may seem like a good idea right now, but there is nothing more pathetic than seeing a man slumped at a bus stop wearing a Rudolf jumper and clinging on to a briefcase. My advice is to keep it low-key.

Here’s how we’d do the office party:


Red leather effect leggings: Zara £39.99 

Navy jewelled jumper: H&M £34.99

Costume jewellery: H&M from £5.99


Suit trousers: as before

Shirt: Brutus £50.00


Stage three: the morning after at the office

So you’re feeling yucky. It’s inevitable. You need carbohydrates like the deserts need the rain. But at least you don’t need to look as bad as you feel. Comfort is key here, so both boys and girls should consider something snuggly – if you could you’d come in in that leopard print fleece onesie – but why not opt for an office friendly knit? I can feel the cockles of your heart warming as we speak.

Your crowning moment – here’s how we’d ace the day after:


Shirt: as before

Skirt: as before

Jumper: as before


Cardigan: River Island £35.00 

Shirt: as before

Trousers: as before

Styling: Sophie Cullinane

Styling assistant/photography: Alexandra Haddow

Assistant: Krystal Burnett-Dunkley

Models: Alexandra Haddow and Laurence Mozafari