Happy #VolunteersWeek everyone.  It’s that time of year when all the kindest people in the world get together, bask in their kindness glow and celebrate positive changes in their communities.

We’re celebrating volunteering through Social Action. This isn’t something we hear a lot but it is a phenomenon we see on a daily basis. Often it is done through volunteering and can actually take many forms: campaigning, fundraising, and mentoring, to name a few.

Dynamics of Single Motherhood – Vidette


Here’s what Social Action means to our project leaders:

If there was one way to sum up all the goodness of social action in one tiny soundbite, we’d say it’s: the grassroots activity of standing up and doing something good in your community, and putting some kind of longevity behind the changes you make.

She Made It – Ranim


It’s basically any action you take to make a positive difference; to change something for the better.

TiTo – Michael & Efosa


According to iWill, 4 in 10 young people between the age of 10 and 20 get involved in activities that make a positive difference.

Queer Cabaret Night – Max


Social Action can be anything from giving up an evening a week to be a mentor, to starting up your own project based on your community’s needs.

We’re pretty blessed at Go Think Big to know some genuinely good peeps – our project leaders who put social action and volunteering at the heart of everything they do.

Body Confidence – Erin


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