Looking over the latest youth unemployment figures and it would easy to think that all young people are stuck in a Galaxy chocolate eating, Adele listening, box set watching pit of doom.

But you’d be wrong! According to O2’s 2012 Youth Matters survey, a significant number of young people are actually remaining positive about their future prospects. The research, which tracks young people’s opinions and attitudes once a year, revealed that more than half (59%) of young people expect to be as successful as their parents. And that’s not all, a whopping 56% think they’ll earn more than their parentals, with 51% believing they’ll secure a more fulfilling job. Almost two-thirds (63%) believe there are still jobs available for those with a positive attitude and willingness to learn.

You jolly little campers!

And the reason for all this optimism? Well it’s the internet of course! Almost three quarters (72%) of the young people polled cited the growth of the internet and the associated creation of new roles and career opportunities for their optimism. A further 54% stating that they could use social media networks effectively in a business context, with one third (32%) believing they possess valuable and marketable digital skills such as coding and web design. So it looks like young people are becoming more aware of what makes them attractive to employers – their technology know how.

Are you surprised by the results?

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