Have you heard about our amazing opportunity to create a short film with O2 and the BFI? Each year so far, around the summer, we’ve offered a super money can’t buy career opportunity. We caught up with Hollie, who took part in our Freaks Wanted opportunity to work with Nile Rodgers and Rudimental last year, about how the experience she gained helped her secure a job at the BBC. Read her inspiring story here…

Why did you apply for the Freaks Wanted opportunity?
I jumped at the chance to apply for the position of Social Media Manager on the Freaks Wanted project as it was a role that I felt wasn’t often available for work experience. Social media is also pretty difficult to start a career in without this sought after experience, so I knew I needed to apply and hope for the best. I already knew I had a passion for social media, having ran blogs and various platforms since I was allowed on a PC, and then having ran it for my university’s radio and tv stations, and newspaper – so this opportunity couldn’t have been more perfect for me. It sounded like an amazing opportunity that promised to give me experience in the skills I wanted to practise and learn, and that it was a chance to meet some incredibly cool people, and make new contacts.

What did you learn from it?
Across the three days, I learnt how important it was to ‘find the voice’ of the brand/campaign etc that you are working for, and how that voice and tone should be used to interact with the audience you are trying to reach. I also learnt from Ben (Rudimental’s social media manager), how to pitch social media campaign ideas, as well as put them into practice. I also learnt how incredibly fast paced it is, and how quick thinking it requires you to be – which I loved.


What was the most surprising/unexpected thing about the experience?
How welcoming and warm everybody was! All of the people from GoThinkBig, the Rudimental guys and Nile were so easy to approach and wanted to help us with everything. As a young person wanting to start out in a massively competitive industry, it was nice to feel so appreciated and noticed, and it really gave us all confidence. It has also surprised just how much these few days of experience have helped me in my career now that I have graduated (in Media & Communication Studies) – it really is the thing employers look for and ask you about!

How has it impacted your confidence about your future career?
It has impacted me more than I ever could have imagined. I’m now working as a Social Media Coordinator with the BBC and it is an absolute dream job. The role with GoThinkBig helped me practise skills and gave me the confidence to believe I was good enough to do social media full-time, and it helped me land an interview, then I got the job!

Have you kept in touch with anyone you worked with, and if so, why?
I have kept in touch with Ben (Rudimental’s social media manager) and we Whatsapp and keep each other updated on what we are up to. He’s offered to help me out with things whenever I need it, which is a great thing to have. I have also kept in touch with a lot of the other ‘freaks’, mostly on social media – so we snapchat and tweet! Mel Frazer-Reid, who got to sing on the track, lives in the same area as me so we keep in touch. They’re all so lovely.


Would you encourage others to apply for similar opportunities with GoThinkBig?
Definitely. I guarantee you will never find other work experience that presents you with such an incredible opportunity, while making you feel so comfortable and confident at the same time. You’re looked after so well, and made to really feel like part of a team – which results in making friends and connections. I had so much fun staying in London for the three days, travelling between our hotel and RAK studios, and going to the cinema and for food at night! It really is so much fun.

What advice would you give to the people who will be working on this year’s super opportunity?
Have fun. Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to get creative and take risks. This is an opportunity where you can experiment, try things you never have had the opportunity to before using new platforms or tools. Make friends with people and encourage them with whatever they’re doing. Making others feel good makes yourself feel good, and that boosts confidence ten fold!

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