If you’re done with education and are still figuring out what to do next, we might just have the answer. O2 are looking for people like you to join their apprenticeship scheme, and have created a brand new apprenticeship role for people who love to chat and get hands on with the latest tech.

Applications for O2 Guru apprenticeships across the country are open now, so we caught up with Gurus Jim and Edilaine (who helped to create the apprenticeships) to find out what life as an O2 Guru is really like, and how to wow them in the interview stages.

What can a Guru Apprentice expect to be doing day to day?

“A Guru Apprentice can expect to learn every aspect of the job from sales adviser upwards,” Jim told us. “The best thing about the role is the hands on approach! The Guru role is the craziest, most exciting and unpredictable job I’ve ever had, no two days are the same. One day I could be setting up handsets and doing data transfers for customers, the next I could be out and about helping silver surfers explore their new technology from O2. I enjoy showcasing insane devices on a Saturday afternoon, like using Virtual Reality headsets to take people on journeys you can’t really understand unless you try for yourself!”

“A daily update brief on technology is something we do every day with the team,” Edilaine added. “A Guru day is filled with countless interactions with customers that need advice on what new phone to buy, to skilled fix on hardware.”

What’s the best thing about being an O2 Guru?

“Being able to play with new products before they go on sale is definitely the best part of the job,” Edilaine told us. “And sharing your knowledge with other colleagues and customers, and helping them make the most of their phone or tablet. It’s like being paid to talk to your best friend about your favourite thing!”

“Being an O2 Guru, you’re actively encouraged to think outside the box,” Jim told us. “In 2013, I started up two workshops in the North East that now run monthly where myself and Matt Peverall (an O2 Guru in Durham) give advice to those who really need it. This work was recognised on a company level, winning me several awards, and I was featured in a double spread in our O2 magazine, available in every store across the country. The work spiralled out of control after I stood on stage with  fellow Guru Dan Messenger at our Guru forum in Manchester last year and told our story. We now see more and more O2 Guru workshops popping up all over the country, those workshops really make a difference and I’m proud to have been part of that.”

Why should people apply?

“It is an amazing opportunity,” said Edilaine. “The skills you need to become a Guru are really hard to get by yourself and the expectations are high from day one when you get the job. The apprentices have the chance to start with no knowledge, skills or experience and work with the best tech people I’ve ever met. We’ll guide and train you through the whole process to make sure you become the brilliant Gurus we know you can be!”

“The Guru job is what you make if it,” Jim told us. “If you’re a passionate person with a love of people and tech, you’re in the right place!”

But what if you don’t have much experience with tech or retail work?

“If you love technology, we will provide all the tools and guide you to become a brilliant Guru,” said Edilaine. “Experience is not really important for the Guru role. Passion about technology is 100% the most important!”

“You don’t need experience to work here, just the right attitude and a willingness to help others,” agreed Jim. “If you’re the type of person who wants to progress whilst having the great opportunity to work with some of the best in the business you’ll do well! Go for it!”

How can potential apprentices wow you guys during the interview stages?

“Be spontaneous,” says Edilaine. “We all know the typical interview answers and questions. Ask us what is our favourite app and why, tell us about an app you use every day that we may or may not know about. Show us how tech is part of your life!”

“Showcase a piece of tech as if it’s just that second been invented, but with the enthusiasm of Charlie when he found that golden ticket,” suggested Jim. “I wanna see excitement, and a clear, no jargon explanation of what it does and how it’ll make my life either simpler, or more fun!”

 To apply to become an O2 Guru Apprentice, click here.

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