When faced with a problem, you’ve got two choices: sit around and moan about it, or try and make a change. While we love a good sit around and moan (especially if there’s a cuppa and some cake involved), we love the kind of people that get up, get to work and start making a difference even more.

That’s why O2 have teamed up with Nominet Trust and a whole host of other orgaisations to celebrate the heroes who have encountered a problem in their day to day life, and used tech to make it better.

Right now, Nominet Trust are celebrating and showcasing some of 2016’s best tech for good ideas. The organisation works to connect tech innovators, investors and influencers across the world, commit to making tech for good a stronger force for change, and celebrate everyday people who have identified a problem and used tech to do something about it. This year, they’re celebrating with the 2016 Nominet Trust 100 (or the NT100 for short). The list, which O2 helped to whittle down to a final 100, picks out some of the most inspiring people who are using digital to make a difference around the world.

“The combination of technology and humanity can make the world better, fairer and more sustainable for everybody,” Simon Miller from O2′s Communication and Reputation team said. “The NT100 reminds us that tech for good flourishes because there are good people who are developing and applying technology in amazing ways to deliver and scale up positive change in communities across the world. O2 is delighted to once again be supporting the NT100 and pays tribute to the inspirational entrepreneurs within its ranks.”

Two examples of everyday tech heroes are part of O2’s Think Big programme. Lewis Hine used two grants from O2′s Think Big to set up his project Friend Finder. Having suffered from a brain tumor himself, unable to go to school, Lewis often felt lonely and isolated. Now, he helps to bring young people suffering from illness and disability together using tech.

Meanwhile, after getting fed up of feeling unsafe on his walk home, Soham Trivedi was funded to create an app called Luna to help people find safe, well-lit routes home.

Check out what Lewis, Soham and our boss Sarah had to say about using tech for good in the video below…

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