Balls to waiting for National Feel Good Day – here are 20 feelgood features to lift you up if you’re feeling a bit bleurgh. And it’s not because I got it wrong and thought National Feel Good Day was today. Look, I’m tired and I forgot my glasses. Enjoy!

So it turns out today is actually National Insurance day, but if I did a post about that it would look like this: 



So, insurance eh?!! Eh?? Eh? Eh.




Instead, have a peruse of our ultimate funemployment list to enrich your soul and nourish your, erm, head (sorry): 

1. Unemployment isn’t all bad. You can, for example, send important emails while topless! More perks to be found here… 

2. Becky Mount puts the fun in unemployment. And makes it “funemployment”. Join her.. 


4. If you’re feeling a bit crap, check out these 26 influential people who started at the bottom… and climbed all the way to the top. 

5. Things you should never say to an unemployed person. Illustrated (in a bizarre way). 

6. Ways to start your day Wallace and Gromit style: a lie in and “FNRYGH” free zone. 

7. Alright, you’ve got a part time job that you hate in order to scrape a living while you’re interning your arse off. Whether it’s waitressing, admin, retail, slaving in a call centre or temping at a reception desk, click the relevant job for the best way to style it out (and make it less painful)

8. How to tell if it’s gone further than just “feeling a bit sad” and what you can do to help beat depression

9. Books and films guaranteed to make you feel better about your joblessness

10. Tell that fellow intern you fancy them. Go on. GO ON. 

11. Laugh at these totally mental business cards (includes one made of meat)

12. All angry because your mate got a job while you’re left behind? Turn that envy into motivation so you can go out and nail it. “It” being “your life”. 

13. Compare your CV to Bruce “I’m Not Batman” Wayne’s, John “Die Hard” McClane’s or Clark “Man Of Steel Was Distinctly Average” Kent’s to make yourself feel better. One has blood stains on it. 


15. Becky Mount advises you to stop hating yourself… you’re alright! Give yourself a break, yeah?!

16. Bit of a night person? Apparently this is linked to intelligence. If you’re not, but have to stay up late to finish a job application/project then here are some tips for staying awake.

17. The formula for confidence; a beautiful infographic to give those self esteem levels a good boost. You’re great. 

18. Things you shouldn’t say in job interviews complete with bloody adorable pictures of owls doing various things. One of them is lying down on some scales. 

19. Our anonymous blogger on why you aren’t as behind as you think you are. 

20. Now have a good chuckle over the career mistakes made in Girls, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, Game of Thrones and New Girl.

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