Back in May, we teamed up with Ultimate Artists to give all you future music stars a chance to get a pressure-free intro to the industry. We put on a masterclass with Ultimate Artists’ Sheena (an expert in image and personal brand) and Joshua Alamu (a vocal coach who’s worked on The Voice and trains people like Little Mix!). Plus, we even offered two lucky masterclass attendees a fully-funded scholarship place on a summer course with Ultimate Artists. 

Kadian came along to the masterclass and wowed the team with her vocal and production skills. Ahead of her scholarship, we caught up with Kadian to find out more about her masterclass experience…

“The masterclass was absolutely amazing,” Kadian told us. “I was really nervous at first, as you would be, but Joshua really put me and the group at ease which made it so much more enjoyable. We got to know each other first, just to take away any nerves, and then we had a group activity. We stood around Joshua in a semi-circle and just sang together. It was so beautiful, I felt like I was in a choir at church! There were so many different voices blending so beautifully together. We got a chance to show off our voices individually which was a lot of fun, I felt very confident in that moment and my voice really shone through. Joshua gave us tips on how to be ready for performances, like vocal warm ups and advice on how long you should warm up for.

“We then had a session with Sheena about image and brand development which was very valuable. Sheena spoke to us about image and how we present ourselves. We also had a Q&A at the end of the masterclass where we could ask any questions and they gave us some valuable tips.

“The teachers are just so great! You can really see that they want to help newcomers. I just feel really blessed to have spent the day with them because in the space of six hours they went through a lot of content with us. Plus, they’re still there to help us if we need it outside of the masterclass which is really nice of them.

“Everyone involved in the masterclass was lovely. I think it’s important to surround yourself with other peers that want to be in the music industry so you don’t feel alone. At the very beginning I didn’t have close relationships with people who were passionate, determined and ambitious about the industry like me and because I’ve attended workshops and seminars I don’t feel so alone anymore. I did make some friends at the masterclass and we hung out outside of the workshop which was great.”

After the audition stages, Kadian was selected for a scholarship place on the full Ultimate Artists course.

“I was very shocked but so thankful and happy!” she told us. “The pressure was on in the second audition, every single person in the room had something special so I can’t begin to imagine how hard it must have been to not pick all of us. I’m looking forward to the song production classes. I have developed such a love for turning my songs into demos independently and making a full production, I’m at a basic to intermediate level when it comes to composing music, so I’m hoping the classes will teach me more about compression, reverb and how to mix properly. Right now Garageband presets are my best friend!

“My ultimate aim as a performer is to become more confident. Every performer has nerves and that’s perfectly normal, but I have a love/hate relationship with performing.  I want to have a mechanism that will help calm my nerves so that it doesn’t affect my vocal performance, but I also want to develop confidence within myself every single time I go out on stage and not just make it a one hit wonder.

“I 100% would encourage others to apply for opportunities on Go Think Big. The amount of different work experience, placements and music opportunities you guys offer is outstanding and I don’t see why someone wouldn’t want to be involved in the Go Think Big community. Without Go Think Big my friend Mary from The Record Shop wouldn’t have been able to set up sessions at O2 in Westfield, and I would have never performed!

“If you’re nervous about applying, close your eyes and just do it! I was so close to missing this opportunity with Ultimate Artist because I was nervous. and I don’t want to see any one else go through that. The opportunity is in your hands if you want it. Don’t pass anything up without giving it a go, you’ll surprise yourself, trust me on that!”

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