This article was written by Juliana Ogechi

At the start of 2019 Go Think Big teamed up with an amazing sports marketing agency - The Midnight Club - to offer a unique opportunity to gain experience in the world of creative marketing.

The Midnight Club is a creative agency like no other. They have worked with brands like adidas to build successful and innovative marketing campaigns worldwide. And they offered an opportunity like no other – a unique, 24-hour creative challenge, responding to an actual client brief.  It was a chance for everyone involved to gain experience, build skills and network to help progress their career.

Here’s Juliana, who took part in the opportunity and was offered a paid internship afterwards (!), to tell us more about it…

Why did you apply for the opportunity with The Midnight Club?

In 2017, I applied for the Prodigy internship scheme at The Midnight Club, but was unsuccessful. Earlier this year, when I saw the opportunity to participate in a 24 hour work experience challenge with The Midnight Club and Go Think Big, I embraced the chance and immediately applied. In the process of applying, I learnt the importance of perseverance. One ‘no’, doesn’t mean a ‘no’ forever.

Tell us about what you did during the opportunity

Based on an actual brief, our task was to produce five Instagram stories to promote the release of the adidas Solar Boosts. We were set the brief on a Friday evening, but expected to deliver on the Saturday afternoon. So in essence, we had about 24 hours. Our Insta-stories had to be cool, creative, innovative and London-centric. I loved the fact that the challenge was based on a real life client situation. It definitely added to the surreal feeling of the whole experience! Also, we were given so much freedom in our expressions and responses to the task. There were no boundaries set. I remember being told, “If you have a visual reference, find it, take a note of it, and then share it. Our creatives will find a way to execute it for you”. Not only was this encouraging, but it set a standard of not being restrictive with our ideas and essentially having fun with it all.


Juliana at The Midnight Club

What did you learn from it?

I learnt so much!! First of all, I learnt to never underestimate the brainstorming process when initiating ideas. Once we had received the brief, I think my team and I did struggle in the beginning stages, but it was good for us to spend time in this phase fleshing out different themes and ideas and sharing our interpretations of the brief. Secondly, I learnt that strong creative output is a community project. One can only execute an idea excellently when others are involved and included. I learnt this just from working with different members of the creative team over the two days. From Josh the Photographer, Rory the 2-D Designer to Sam the 3-D Designer and Dan the Creative Director (who helped with finessing the Sound, for our idea). Though these guys had different skill-sets, once they heard the vision, they were able to bring their respective knowledge within their fields, to bring the idea to life.

What was the most unexpected thing about the experience?

Being offered an internship off the back of the challenge. I definitely did not come into the experience expecting that such a thing was possible, but I think it goes to show that being open to new experiences; no matter how small they may appear, is always beneficial. Even if you don’t end up ‘winning’, you will always learn something, and that is a big win in and of itself.

So The Midnight Club offered you a paid internship afterwards! What have you been doing and what have you learned?

As cliche as it sounds, no day is ever the same. Typically, I can be running equipment for the Creative Team, or assisting as a Runner for a shoot. The Midnight Club is involved in the programming for the adidas Women’s & Fitness Studio at 152 Brick Lane, so some days I am writing copy for new classes or preparing a short 10 second video for the weekly Facebook Broadcast. Throughout my time here, I have been able to witness the behind-the-scenes of events such as the adidas 1 hour City Runs or activation events such as the opening of the new adidas store in Westfield Stratford which has been pretty cool!

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From a technical point of view, I’ve learnt about the intricacies of how a Creative Agency works from the setting of a brief to deliverables. There are so many layers that I didn’t know about before! I’ve learnt the value of providing references to support a creative idea. It’s almost a bit like writing an essay! I’ve also learnt to use different elements of the Adobe Creative Suite. I’ve been getting to grips with the art of rotoscoping on After Effects too, which has been an interesting journey!

Overall, I’ve learnt to always be curious and ask questions. At any stage, we cannot be expected to know it all, so it’s always refreshing when you are able to ask questions and discover new things or meet new people. What I like about The Midnight Club, is that they really encourage learning on the job and experimentation which is great to see and important, I think, especially in the creative industry. I love being in learning environments, so when we are able to share new insights in team meetings, it is super eye-opening.

What impact has this experience had on your confidence about your future career?

I now feel like I have access and a sense of belonging in this industry. This experience has given me a foot (and an eye) in the door. In the past, I had only received second hand accounts about what it is like to work in the Creative sector. However, now that I’m actually in this role as an Intern, I have been able to see for myself and through that, hone in on the area that I’m really interested in. Through this experience, I can definitely say that there is more clarity about the unique skills I can bring to the industry.

Photo by Josh Greet

Photo by Josh Greet

Would you encourage others to apply for similar things with Go Think Big? What advice would you give them?

Most definitely! Go Think Big is a great platform to discover awesome opportunities and meet people, who may come from different places, but who share similar goals and interests to yourself.

Be open-minded to every opportunity and through that, you will learn whether it is for you or not for you.

Anything else to add?

I would also like to give a special shout out to James, Katie and Amy for the input and feedback they’ve given to me throughout my time here at TMC. I’m grateful.

The Midnight Club have a 3 month Prodigy Project starting this Summer, if you’re feeling up and ready for a creative challenge, then definitely get involved!