We’re pretty good at this careers advice malarkey – after all, that’s kinda why we’re here. Aside from inspiring you to turn your passion into your career, and opening your eyes to all the amazing opportunities out there, we want to help you get your dream job! Which is why over the two years GoThinkBig has been running together with our pals at O2, we’ve given tons of careers advice on how you can get there.

As an extra special Christmas present, we’ve brought together all the key pieces of advice over the past two years to bring you the ULTIMATE guide to getting a job. Bookmark this page. Save all the links. Come back to it at any time because we can guarantee it will benefit your job search. Good luck!

Your job search

Before you’ve even started applying for jobs, you’ve got to be in the right mindset to get your head down and do it. Shockingly, rushing a job application 20 minutes before you go out to the pub is not the best way to apply for jobs. We want you to be organised, motivated, efficient and equip yourself with all the necessary tools before you get started. And here’s how:



Work experience

Yay for work experience! It can actually find you a job – so this is pretty important. Work experience on your CV is the first thing to show passion for your industry, and it’s hard to get by without it (soz). We have advice on getting a work experience placement, impressing while you’re there, and how to make the most out of it.



Covering letter

We know the feeling of writing the dreaded covering letter, but we don’t want to hear your moaning, because if you really want that job, you’ve gotta be willing to write a bloody good covering letter for it. And if the job application requires a stand-out (like GTB opps!), we’ll help you nail that, too. Here’s some advice and examples to get you started:




The one thing you all want – CV advice (and CV templates). We’ve got heaps of advice for the document that’s going to get you your dream job so please don’t ignore it. All those niggly questions (Do I include a CV, Do I include my personal statement? What do I actually need to put on there?! Can I have some CV examples?) will be answered. Just click below.



Job interviews

Your covering letter was good, your CV got you an interview – WELL DONE. But you don’t want to ruin your chances at the last hurdle. Preparation is a huge factor in success: everything from wearing the right outfit, to asking the right job interview questions will help (or hurt) you in a  job interview. With our expert advice, these tips will sort you out.




And one final point we thought it was best to include – ‘networking’. In simple terms, it’s just talking to people. Talking to people in jobs you admire, keeping in touch with people you meet on your placements. There are countless examples of how networking is good for kickstarting your career, so we just want to make sure you’re clued up.


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