Do you have a great business idea, but don’t have anything in your pockets except pennies and lint? Well, you’re in luck, as we’ve pulled together tonnes of online sources that can fund your projects – either with crowdfunding from lots of small investors or from one main company looking for brilliant ideas. You might also be intersted to know the ridiculous Nazis on the moon sci-fi – Iron Sky – was funded by crowdsourcing.   

1) Kickstarter

Kickstarter has erm, kickstarted a lot of projects since its launch in April 2009. Now it has launched in the UK – previously members needed to have a US partner to handle the funds abroad. They cover a huge range of interests from comics and fashion to gaming and food. Some of the most high profile success stories include the Oscar nominated documentary Incident in New Baghdad and the Pebble watch, which has a customisable face.

2) Artistshare 

Artisitshare is crowdsourcing site that puts emerging musicians in direct contact with their fan base; the site has helped to launch fifteen Grammy nominated acts, with five of them nabbing Grammys since the site’s launch in 2003. In return for their support fans can get access to exclusive recordings, VIP events and even a credit on the final product.

3) Indiegogo

The site first launched in 2008 as a way of funding independent film projects, then a year later it expanded into all industries. There are a lot of other projects on there to contend with, but the good ones can still fight their way to the top. For instance, in 2012 the site hosted not-for-profit relief efforts in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

4) MicroVentures

MicroVentures is looking for smaller business ideas rather than individual projects, however it’ll need to be for over $100,000. Their main areas of interest are internet technology, software, green technology, mobile, social and gaming, media and entertainment. They’ve funded a whole host of companies, one of was a little known website called TWITTER! Yeah, we thought you might have heard of it.

5) We Say We Pay

The site that was backed by WAYRA – a scheme by Telefónica to launch digital ideas – focuses on funding projects from the local community. It could be something small such as getting new kits for your football team or putting on film screenings for your local community. There’s no such thing as a bad idea, unless it involves something weird, like strapping cats to rockets.