Here at GoThinkBig we like to give you as many inspiring, varied and employability-enhancing opportunities as possible. Sometimes these come in the form of an internship or work experience placement, sometimes it’s an apprenticeship or O2 CV review and sometimes it’s an Insight Day. If you’ve seen the latter advertised on our website before and wondered what it involves and why you should go, listen up. Here’s 5 reasons why the next time you see an Insight Day on our site you should stop dithering and apply for it!

1) Try it on for size

Whether you’re thinking about choosing an apprenticeship over university or thinking about getting into law but aren’t sure if it’s for you, insight days are a great way to learn more about the industry or training on offer. Use this opportunity to ask questions, too, because if there’s a particular aspect of the industry you’re confused about or you want to know more about, you may as well ask.

2) Shows initiative and interest in the industry on your CV

It might not be work experience but you should still include any insight days you’ve attended on your CV. It shows an employer you’re keen to learn more about the industry and went out of your way to do so. If you’re applying for a position at the same company who hosted the day then that’s even better! But don’t forget to mention what you learned and how it’s helped you since.

3) Get hints and tips on the application process

Insight Days are definitely a two-way street: they’re great for you because of all the reasons listed here, but they’re also good for the business holding them. They use Insight Days because they want to see what smart young people they can meet and, maybe at some point in the future, employ. This means they’re likely to give hints and tips on their company’s application process; what can be expected of you, what you can do to boost your chances and what they look for in candidates. So not only will they remember your name and face when you get an interview, you’ll tell them exactly what they want to hear! Talk about getting a head start.

4) Network

The people hosting these days will work at the company. You want to work at the company. Use this opportunity to introduce yourself, chat to them and ask any questions you have. You’re more likely to be remembered if you make a point of speaking to a member of the team and by being proactive and asking questions you’ll get the most out of the day. And if just the word ‘networking’ fill you with fear, watch this first.

5) It might even lead to a job

Insight Days are a way of getting to know the company and vice versa, but what if you really stand out and they really like you? Well, you might just get asked to attend a job interview! This happened to Louise, who attended Carat Discover Media Day in October.

“I didn’t know too much about it before singing up, I just researched Carat and thought they were cool and applied. For me it was perfect because I didn’t know too much about media and wanted to know more about the options available.”

At the end of the day, after taking in part in a group activity to meet a brief, Louise used social media to thank them. “I and Noel (Communications Director, Carat) tweeted about what a great time I had. Then a day or two later iProspect recruitment got in contact with me on Twitter to get my details and Stu (my current line manager)  emailed me about a job interview in Paid Social.”

Louise went for the interview and got the job! And all because she attended an Insight Day. So what are you waiting for? Start applying today!

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