George “loves a special edition” Lucas has sold Lucasfilm and the rights to the Star Wars franchise to Disney for around £2.5 billion. This means two things; firstly Lucas will be able to continue his blight of marginally different Blu-ray editions long after his death and inevitably there’ll be another three films in the pipeline.

Following on from our five fatal career mistakes made by the characters in Girls, we wanted to see what career advice we could gleam from a galaxy far, far away…

1) Never work with family

What’s that dad? Your super megacorporation needs a new Assistant Deputy Evil Bastard? If there’s one thing Star Wars taught us – besides the fact you should definitely check that a girl is NOT YOUR SISTER before you kiss them – it’s that working with your parents never ends well. Your parents still need to impress the boss too, so whether that means watching you get electrocuted by an evil Emporer’s magic lightning for ages or punishing you for turning up late to work, don’t expect to get special treatment from them.

2) Have attention to detail

Your company has just spent £531,477,600,000,000,000 building the Death Star – that’s just the price to produce enough steel to make it by the way – they’ve had to mine more materials than exist in the entire crust of planet Earth and the bloody thing just p****d off the universe by blowing up a planet. But wait, what’s that? You’ve left a two feet wide hole in the side that can be used to blow the whole thing to smithereens? Fail. Always make sure you check your work thoroughly, so you can have a clear conscience and not get sacked.

3) Don’t get caught up in office bitching

The Emperor and Anakin spend almost as much time bitching about the Jedi and the Galactic Senate as Anakin does being a whiny idiot. Therefore make sure you avoid getting caught up in snide remarks – as tempting as it might be to get involved, at least you can hold your head high knowing you’ve never slated anyone behind their back. This means you won’t make yourself any enemies and everyone will still confide in you.

4) Don’t get romantically involved at work

As we mentioned earlier not getting off with your sister is good advice for life, let alone for work. But with all of the romantic hassle between Han and Leia, Leia and Luke and of course, Anakin and Padme – their lives could have been a lot less hassle if they had kept business and pleasure seperate. Of course, if you really like the person, there are exceptions to this, but if you’re love sick controlling paranoia ends up turning you into the most evil man in the galaxy *cough* Anakin *cough*, then it’s probably not worth it.

5) Learn to tolerate failure

Despite his hilarious door closing antics and awesome bassy speaking voice, Darth Vader doesn’t have much tolerance for failure, even his first proper movie appearance saw him strangle one of his commanders. What can we learn from Lord Vader? Well, just take a chill pill and relax! Sometimes work can seem like the most important thing in your whole life, but remember, it’s just a job. Don’t get too stressed and make sure you find time to relax and switch off, rather than continually worrying about work.