• Manage your contacts more easily
  • Prioritise your job search plans
  • Task reminders so you never forget a follow-up
  • Stress-free receipt scanning for easy accounting
  • Instant networking on the move

If you’re dazzled by the choice of job search apps out there, here are the best free apps for Android and iPhone to fuel your job search, no matter what career you’re stalking. If you’ve seen a nifty new one that we’ve missed then make sure you let us know in the comments.

1. Astrid – The to-do list

Although it takes away the weird satisfaction of crossing something off the never-ending to-do list in your creased old notepad, Astrid is a highly regarded task manager app that can help you prioritise your job search. Astrid allows you to prioritise a list of tasks with reminders, whether that’s writing your CV, attending an interview or chasing a recruiter for feedback. Tasks can be shared with other users too, so you can all plan trips or events. You can add tasks using voice commands, but there are also paid-for upgrades on Android including widgets and geo-tagging, which can remind you to upgrade your interview-wear next time you walk past Zara.

Get it here: Astrid for Android and for iPhone

2. Evernote Hello/Cardmunch – easily manage contacts

Have you ever hastily scribbled the details of an exciting new person you’ve met on the nearest McDonalds napkin – because that’s where all the important meetings happen – only to blow your nose on it? Well LinkedIn’s app Cardmunch (iOS) allows you to scan and save business cards, to save swamping your pockets with tonnes of paper. The scanned text on the business cards is searchable, too. If you don’t have an iPhone, then Android’s Evernote Hello has similar functions for managing your contacts. They’re displayed as a flashy mosaic of faces and it pulls in their details automatically once synched with LinkedIn.

Get it here: Evernote Hello for Android,Cardmunch for iPhone

3. Google Drive – Cloud storage

Google Drive offers more free online storage space than Dropbox and allows you to upload larger files than Skydrive. The app lets you add photos, videos and documents, then access them on mobile or desktop. The app lets you access documents from different locations, so you can edit your CV on the train and carry on making changes at a public PC, or even print documents you have forgotten with Google Cloud Print. The app works with Google Docs, allowing you to convert documents to that format, set them to be edited offline when you have limited internet access and even take a photo of a document, then convert it to text.

Get it here: Google Drive for Android and for iPhone.

4. Lemon – Manage your receipts

Do you want an easy way to keep track of your spending, without stuffing your pockets with more crumpled paper than an old lady’s purse? Well, Lemon is the ideal way to keep track of your monthly spending. The app can quickly scan your receipts and then tag them under customisable spending sections, whether that’s travel, food or your celebrity hair collection. Occasionally the app can be a bit slow at uploading your images and you’ll need to be connected to the internet to use it, but you can always enter the amounts manually if you need to.

Get it here: Lemon for Android and for iPhone.

5. LinkedIn – The professional social network

This one might sound obvious, but LinkedIn’s app is really easy to use and more streamlined than an earless Sphynx cat drizzled in butter. The app takes in all of the key features from the site – posting updates, group discussions, news, private messaging and adding connections, and all with the added bonus of taking them on the move. Plus, it’s easier to add connections using the ‘people you may know’ function than on the website. You don’t have to specify exactly how you know them – just in case “bumped into them in a toilet” isn’t a good enough reason.

Get it here: LinkedIn for Android and for iPhone