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Five career mistakes in New Girl

Five career mistakes in New Girl

We love Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt as much as the next person. And we really can’t wait for the new episodes to start on E4 (next month, apparently – yay!). But it seems to us they could probably do with some good advice about how to act at work. Here’s five career mistakes that the characters in New Girl make:

1. Not knowing when it’s time to leave work.

Nick’s girlfriend Julia manages to completely ruin his romantic plans for Valentine’s Day by having to work late. And even when he turns up with chocolates and champagne and gifts, she still won’t leave the office. She’s just too busy.

Don’t ever be that person. Know when it’s time to leave work. There will of course be times when you have to work late to finish that project, but remember that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

2. Failing to prepare properly for a job interview.

Remember when Winston has that interview that goes terribly because he has no idea about current events? And remember the next one where he has no idea about the job he’s interviewing for? This is probably one of the biggest mistakes you can make when it comes to interviews.

Poor preparation leads to poor performance, so make sure you prepare well. Yes, knowing a bit about current events will probably help for that little bit of small talk at the beginning of an interview, but the crucial part is knowing about the job you’ve applied for, why you’d be good at it and what you can offer the company.

3. Not standing up to the boss. 

Schmidt dresses up as ‘Sexy Santa’ for his work’s Christmas party. Being the only man in his office it’s seen as his ‘duty’. But I think we can all agree that it’s too much. Really, Schmidt should stand up to his boss and tell her that he’s not going to do it.

Just like we should all stand up to our bosses and tell them that no, we are not going to applaud every time they walk in the office, massage their feet or dress up as the ‘Sexy Easter Bunny’ (Ed’s note: I would like to point out that these were merely requests, rather than orders. Sexy Saint Patrick would also have been acceptable).

4. Being too kooky at work.

Don’t get me wrong, we love Jess and her kookiness. It’s what makes her Jess. She’s crazy but lovable, she makes up songs and she puts on cute voices. But she also does this at work, which is a little less lovable and a lot more crazy.

Admittedly Jess is an elementary school teacher, so I guess making up songs is almost acceptable. But it doesn’t even go down well with her students and one of them bullies her about it by putting a video online of animated birds pooing on her while she sings an anti-bullying song. So, yes, be yourself at work, but maybe tone down the kookiness a little – tiny hats and made up songs probably won’t go down well with your colleagues.

5. Not knowing when to move on from the ‘for now’ job.

Winston takes a nannying job for a little while to help pay the bills while he tries to work out what to do with his life. Then, when the opportunity to work with one of his heroes, Joe Napoli, at a radio station, Winston gets all worried about abandoning Alvin, the kid he’s been looking after.

Alvin is a bright spark, so he helps Winston improve his CV and sets him up to look like he’s on drugs so that he gets fired and has to go after a better career. Sadly, we won’t all have Alvins who can help us in this way and real life six-year-olds are no way near as bright in real life so do yourself a favour and realise when it’s time to start making steps towards a promotion. Perhaps applying for a brilliant graduate programme at Channel 4 might be the right place to start?

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