Us normal folk don’t usually get to rub shoulders with fancy-pants radio executives and DJs. In fact, the closest we’re likely to come to DJ-listener contact is when the sound of your radio alarm creeps your dream and you suddenly find yourself riding bareback on a blue whale through the Bentall’s Centre with Lauren Laverne. Or something.

But all that changed this week when Key 103 opened its doors for their first immersion day. They’d teamed up with GoThinkBig to offer young people the chance to go behind the scenes and discover what it’s like to run Manchester’s number one hit music station.

12 lucky radio enthusiasts were chosen out of GoThinkBig’s online applications and were treated to a studio tour, including observing a live Key 103 radio show in action. The rest of the day was spent making their own 30 minute, live breakfast show and then a radio advert for GoThinkBig, finishing up with a Q&A with DJ Adam Catterall and Producer Paul Fernley. One of the participants had this to say about the day:

“I’ve gained an invaluable insight into a real radio station, getting lots of hands on experience, practical advice and some great new contacts. I loved taking with people who are in the job that I want, and they’ve given me a proper insight into how I can make it happen for myself.”

Have a listen to the team’s GoThinkBig adverts below and let us know your favourite – and keep an eye out for similar immersion days on our opportunities page!