We’re not big fans of blank space at GoThinkBig, so as soon as we got our new whiteboard we started filling it up with story and video ideas, and brilliant new opportunities. However, we quickly realised that we needed to do something about the blank space around the board – so we asked our artistically inclined users to help us out (with the lure of great exposure on the UK’s best new resource for work experience and careers inspiration, of course).

Ten days ago, we asked you to send in your designs for the walls at GoThinkBig HQ. We’ve selected our finalists – now, it’s up to you to pick a winner. 

The winner will get to render their design at full-scale on the wall around our whiteboard, and they’ll also take home a cash prize of £300 (you can read the full Ts&Cs relating to competitions here).

Our first finalist is Nic Farrell. Nic is a 22-year old freelance illustrator from Essex, and her design focuses on entrepreneurship and creativity – two things that are very close to the heart of GoThinkBig. She said: “I think we need reminding that there is hope – there are jobs out there, and with the right skills it is possible to attain them! I think my design conveys the enthusiasm and possibility that GoThinkBig represents.” You can see more of Nic’s work on her website.

If you think Nic’s design is a worthy winner, vote for her on our Facebook poll. The vote will be open until 4 March, so get clicking, and spread the word!