A wise person once told me: “If you want to do something well, find someone who already is and learn from them.” Like many powerful ideas, it’s a simple one, really.

With that in mind, when GTB decided to look for a vlogger to add to the site, it only made sense to find some people who already were succeeding in the highly competitive world of YouTube, and ask them a simple question…how did you do it? 

Can success be simple? I don’t know. I’m a YouTube publisher myself, though I claim no great successes (unless you count sheer anal retentiveness in video keywording). But these guys, well, they’re something else. I’d like to introduce you to 3 people who’re doing very well on Youtube indeed (and there’s a musical theme here). 

We’ve asked them to share ‘the secrets of their successes’ by making videos in which they tell their stories, and hopefully share some rare insight into what really worked for them. As ever, you are encouraged to steal these ideas for your own use. You can even still enter the GoThinkBig competition, if you get your act together by the end of the day…

Up first is Alex Day – Alex is the archetypal YouTube success story. He started out making videos for his friends in his bedroom: now he reaches over a million subscribers and lives off his music. All with no touring and no major label support. One of Britain’s most popular YouTubers, you need only Google his name to see how far he’s managed to go with vlogging.

Second we have Jon Sullivan AKA Sully’s Guitars. Sully’s tagline is ‘built by rock n roll’ and he’s taken the particularly niche subject of luthiering (that’s making guitars if you were wondering) and brought it to the masses.  Sully’s built up a cult following by putting out useful instructional guides and has used YouTube to massively boost the profile of his custom guitar shop. He’s branded himself as one of the most social media savvy guitar experts and in the process has gained a fair bit of publicity for his band too!

And last but not least we have George Montague. Continuing our unintentional musical theme, George is a self described ‘piano-hitting, string-twanging, gravity-defying singer songwriter multi-instrumentalist’ who has taken his career into his own hands with YouTube. Based in the Cotswolds, and creating his own videos, he’s racked up over 3million views , created his very own documentary (‘Have You Met George’) and got his album debut some very positive coverage in the BBC, amongst other places… He’s got some really brilliant indepth advice on using YouTube and all the benefits it’s brought him: