Have you heard about our amazing opportunity to create a short film with O2 and the BFI? Each year so far, around the summer, we’ve offered a super money-can’t-buy career opportunity. We caught up with Charlotte, who took part in our Rizzle Kicks opportunity to work on the duo’s music video for ‘Lost Generation’, about how the experience she gained helped her set up her own production company. Read her inspiring story here…

Why did you apply for the Freaks Wanted opportunity?

I really wanted to get some experience working on music videos. Previously I’d done mainly low (or no) budget rap videos, so working on a real set with a crew and a budget was something I really wanted to experience. I was also going to university at Ravensbourne the following summer to study digital film production so I thought the experience would really help me feel more confident and prepared when starting.

What did you learn from it?

More than anything it opened my eyes to the prospect of directing music videos as a potential career. Before I worked on the Rizzle Kicks opportunity I wasn’t very clued up about how the entire process worked, e.g. how directors got their work, how record labels chose which director to use and which idea to go with etc. The project helped me to see that it was a viable career option and something that I could pursue and hopefully succeed in.


Recently I started a production company called Riser with two friends. We’ve worked on a few projects so far including, most recently, shooting a music video called ‘Black Beauty’ for an artist called Willo Wonder. This has been our biggest project so far and also the video with the biggest budget, so it was a completely new experience working with a crew and hiring a location. We’ve got a few more projects coming up and I just hope we’re able to carry on in this career when we finish university.

What was the most surprising/unexpected thing about the experience?

How close we got to everything that was going on, other work experience opportunities don’t give you such an intense hands-on experience. Getting to see the project through from start to finish was amazing.


How has it impacted your confidence about your future career?

I’m constantly pitching on music video projects at the moment, some I get and some I don’t but regardless of the response I’m always confident that eventually I’ll succeed in this career, mainly because of this experience and all the advice everyone gave us throughout. During the project, most of us who were involved through GoThinkBig saw all the professional crew members everyday and hoped that one day it would be a career we could follow.


Have you kept in touch with anyone you worked with and, if so, why?

I’m always following everyone’s progress on Facebook and Twitter, I love watching Josh Partridge’s work (he was assistant director on the shoot). Leah, who was an extra in the video, and I are hoping to work on a project together in the future!

Would you encourage others to apply for similar opportunities with GoThinkBig?

Definitely, it’s the most intense and rewarding work experience you could ask for! Everyone you meet is welcoming and inspiring, whether it’s fellow applicants or people from GoThinkBig.

What advice would you give to the people who will be working on this year’s super opportunity?

Get involved in everything you can, make the most of your time there and keep in contact with everyone you meet.

Fancy making your own film with O2 and the BFI? Check out how you can get involved here.

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