In 2018 we launched one of our biggest partnerships to date, offering you the chance to work with us, O2 and the legendary music platform SBTV. An amazing crew of you stepped up to make an epic film with SBTV called, Go Think Big: Headliners which was all about reinventing the music industry.

It was amazing – check out  the film below – and we’ve learned a few lessons about creativity and building our dream careers along the way. Not just from SBTV founder Jamal Edwards, who spoke at an amazing panel with us after the making of the video, but also from a range of media experts who took part in the opportunities.

We spoke to some of you who were involved in this experience, plus Jamal himself, to recap on what we could take away from our incredible collaboration. Here’s what we learned…

Work experience is *never* a waste of time

All of the participants we spoke to said that working with us and SBTV helped them further their career – woohoo! Watch the video below to hear the testimonials from the young people themselves.

Tyrell Peters who worked in the post-production of the film, said the opportunity opened many doors (good to hear Tyrell). “I feel like I got a lot more of an understanding in terms of what being in the TV and film industry can be like” he said.  “I learned I can try to do more in my career than I initially thought, as I learned that post-production is actually a broad market with a lot of options.”

And Abigail Agbalajobi, who worked in pre-production said  the opportunity has taught her a lot about her potential industry. She said: “From what the differences are between costume and set design, to how to deal with PR and clients, I’ve learned so much. Because of this I now feel that I am fully eligible and confident enough to enter the realm of styling and actually peruse it as a career option.” Great news!

Watch the video below to see how the finished film came out.

Nerves can be channelled into success

Jamal Edwards, founder of the mega-successful music platform SBTV, has won an MBE for his work, spoken in front of thousands of people at panels and shows, and has worked with the likes of Ed Sheeran and Rita Ora. But he still gets nervous – and he told us in an interview that he’s still learning how to overcome these anxieties. “I’m always nervous” he told us backstage before our panel interview (see video below). “But now I try and count to ten, keep active and chill-out before I give a talk or jump on a stage.  I’m still always like ‘oh my god’ right before I go out, but I find that laughter removes all of that. If the audience laughs with me then I’m fine.”

There are many routes to your dream job

Thom Gulseven is commissioning editor at All 4. He spoke at the panel beside Jamal Edwards and offered a ton of savvy advice for aspiring TV producers. When we quizzed him backstage about how young people can nab a job like him, he told us that there are several routes into the industry these days.
“Unlike most people in TV who went in through that runner-to-production route, I sort of came in around the back. I literally picked up a camera at a time when content providers were working out how to do more video stuff on the internet and sort of trained myself. The old path of going into TV is becoming a bit less common. It’s still relevant but there are loads of other ways in now.”

We asked Tom how to stand out in a crowded career market today and he said. “Be really agile with how things change. I always tell people to be a bit flexible and not make yourself beholden to one platform. Look for new opportunities and new platforms, new ways to tell stories.”

Good collaboration is key

When it comes to working with other people to get your big idea off the ground, you’ve got to pick your tribe wisely, as we learned from the panel event. Watch the video below for more advice:


Singer and actress Paigey Cakey said that she knows the importance of turning down collaborations with people if they don’t suit her brand. “I now work on my own stuff first before doing a collab with someone else” she said during the panel.

Jamal Edwards told us that it’s “important to keep a strong team around you.” He continued: “I now have the right team for my personal brand around me. It was a struggle to get that for a while, but now I have the right team for SBTV and the right team in my personal life.” Jamal also advised reaching out to family and friends for advice before going to other professionals. “When it comes to accountancy and finance advice, we’re very quick to speak to people we don’t know, but I think it’s important to speak to the people who know you first” he said. Sound advice indeed.

Our opportunity with SBTV taught us so much about achieving our goals and working with others – we’re on inspiration-overload right now! Stay tuned for more amazing opportunities from us in 2019, guys…


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