According to recent research, 90 per cent of children look online rather than asking grandparents for advice about how to perform simple acts. But what about when it comes to career advice? Is the internet taking over from your parents and grandparents when you’re looking for advice on your career paths?

It’s so easy to sit down in front of a computer and type in a google search term when you’re looking for jobs or for career advice. But have you ever considered that some really good advice could be a lot closer to home?

Parents can be a pain sometimes, we’re not denying that. Especially when they’re nagging you about having a career plan and asking if you’re ever going to work out what you want to do with your life. But sometimes, they can offer some really insightful advice when you’re looking for a job, or even trying to decide what career you might want to go into.

Jenny Sare, a student in Dundee, went to her parents when she was trying to make some tough decisions about continuing with her degree. “My parents reminded me that not every job needs a degree,” she said. “They reminded me that the experience you get in every job can be just as valuable. Building a career isn’t about settling for the first job that comes along, it’s about seeing what’s out there, not being afraid to branch out and having ambition to not settle for what you have but aim for what you can achieve.”

It’s not just when you’re at uni that parents can be helpful. They’ve also experienced job hunting and all the stresses and struggles that come with that. And they know what it’s like when you finally land that first job. They understand how scary it can be. And they can probably offer you some pretty good advice with that too.

The GoThinkBig team have all been pretty lucky with their parents offering helpful advice so here’s what we’ve heard from our parents over the years:

• My mum’s always the person I go to when I have a problem at work. I find it’s really helpful to have someone from outside of the work place to talk through an issue with – she’s even offered help with subjects to write about before!

• Maria, our project manager, was once told by her parents to always have a conversation in mind for if she was ever stuck in a lift with the CEO of her company. She always makes sure she’s up to date with the latest news, just in case it should ever happen!

• Dan, our web producer, was advised by his dad to widen his job search when he was looking for work and to consider jobs that weren’t necessarily within what he thought would be his dream career.