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Take a look at the finalists who would quite possibly donate a body part to be our next blogger.*

Holly Close, on living at home and GCSE Geography students

I Love My Family, But I Need To Leave Home

At my graduation last year, the Class of 2012 could broadly be divided into two groups: those who were moving home, and everyone else. In between posing for photos in our gowns and swishing around like excited Gryffindor students, much of the chat centred on the perils of moving back home, and the awkward game of real-life Tetris we’d all had to play, cramming three years worth of uni stuff into our childhood bedrooms…


Zoë Badder, on the ‘University of Life’

Interview techniques for part-time jobbers

A couple of days ago (well, Tuesday to be exact) I had my very first job interview. Yes, that’s right, my very first interview ever. Gosh I was nervous. Well, terrified would be a better word. It was for a job in the library of a secondary school. It was at the ‘other’ secondary school in the town, ie not the one I attended as a student for seven years…


Rachel Pronger, on relocation (with a bit of help from Gary Barlow

Small girl, big city

This summer I made a snap decision. 

After graduating with a shiny BA, mind-melting debts and no career plans, I returned to my hometown, to a teenage bedroom full of peeling Heath Ledger posters and a park where I’d spent my GCSEs drinking cider and watching people set fire to things… 


Jack Barry on the life of a struggling artiste

The predictable horrors of a creative job

Shirking the nine to five and trying to live the dream may seem very romantic, but you will soon discover that certain aspects of it are a nightmare. I have learned these things, so that you don’t have to…


Becky Mount on living and working with chronic illness (and cats)

The 4 Stages of Pyjamas

As someone who suffers from a chronic illness (M.E.), who works and studies from home, I have become a connisseur of pyjamas. Spending most of my time in/around bed means that I’ve gathered quite a collection of nap-appropriate clothing and I bet I’m not alone. It also means that I’ve noticed that there’s an etiquette to consider…

*NOTE: No body parts will be accepted by the GoThinkBig team.