Job-hunting is a process. And a loooong one at that. And it’s comprised of so many different and difficult stages, that the only way to ensure success is to simply…persevere. Oh, and try one of these job hunting apps below.

Download one of these top job hunting apps to stay motivated and stay focused.  Then you might just pass through the dreaded balancing-pizza-on-your-stomach-in-bed stage, the somewhat pathetic pretending-to-job-hunt-in-front-of-your-Mum-but-actually-watching-4od-on-a-hidden-tab stage, and of course the PURE Desperation stage, where you find yourself firing off applications to zero hour contract roles 45 miles from your house simply because the interview practice is the only human contact you’ve had with the working world in weeks.

We feel you. It’s not always easy to keep on top of the job hunt, so you may need a little digital help. Apps put the ‘app‘ in ‘happy‘, after all. So one of these job hunting apps is bound to make the search a little less tedious and save you mega time, too. Here are the six best job hunting apps we need you to download right now..

1. Bumble – For…professional networking (apparently)

Yes we’re actually being serious. The dating app has created a job hunting function called Bumble Bizz in October 2017 and it works in a similar way to the dating app, in that it’s women who get to message first. According to an article in The Verge; “Bizz lets users swipe to find connections to network with Bumble’s 20 million users. By letting women choose who they want to talk to, Bumble is hoping that Bizz will ‘help clear up the gray areas in networking that often make women feel uncomfortable.’

2. Job Interview Questions Prep – for…getting interview practice in

This free video app helps you brush up on your interview technique by sending you tough questions and letting you see and hear how an actual expert would respond to your questions.

3. Glassdoor - For…the inside scoop

Waste time Research what it’s like to work in your favourite company by stalking the reviews and getting the inside scoop on the salaries on, Glassdoor. You can also apply for jobs on here, too!

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4. -  For…The ultimate To-Do List

Although it takes away the weird satisfaction of crossing something off the never-ending to-do list in a crumpled old notepad, is a task manager app that can help you prioritise your job search. You can set reminders, share task with other users, add voice commands and sync everything with your Cloud. Essential downloading for those who struggle with being organised/remembering things.

5. Resume  – For…building beautiful CVs

Want to draw attention to your CV for the right reasons? Try this app that offers you a selection of bespoke and tailored templates, for you to play with on the go.

6. Linkedin – For… motivation & stalking old contacts

LinkedIn isn’t just for job hunting now, is it? It’s actually a full-on social network based around your career. The app takes in all of the key features from the site and makes the whole private messaging/group discussions/adding connections using the ‘people you may know’ function, so much easier. So next time you want to use your online sleuthing skills to track down that vague offer of a music marketing internship from that bloke who works at Virgin, who you met at your auntie’s BBQ, do it on the app, not the desktop version and you’ll be hired in no time. (Hopefully).

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