Want all our indepth looks at the shadows on the set of Rizzle Kicks in one handy place? Well, you’ve come to the right article. 

In case you’ve been living under a rock, we teamed up with Rizzle Kicks and O2 to offer almost 100 young people the chance to shadow professionals on the set of the video for ‘Lost Generation’, the first single off Rizzle Kicks’ new album Roaring 20s.

We talked to lots of the crew over the course of the shoot – find out what they thought of the experience (spoiler alert: IT WAS AMAZING).

First up, we talked to Esrael Alem, who shadowed the director of the behind the scenes documentary. Incidentally, you can watch that right here.

Leah O’Rourke joined Rizzle Kicks on set as an extra. Watch the video closely and you’ll see her!

Sonny Mackay was a runner on set – he quite literally ran around all day fixing stuff. And had a blast doing it.


Jack Magill shadowed Kevin the Gaffer and talked to us about what he learnt. He’s got an excellent (but sweary) Twitter account – go follow him.

Trudy Barry was our brilliant photography shadow, snapping away on set.