Stuck in the no experience/ no job cycle? Sick of seeing job ads which say “experience necessary” as if it’s no big deal? Find yourself glaring at commuters on the bus? There is a way out.

Experience can be notoriously difficult to come by (except on our opportunities page…), but volunteering can be a great way to gain skills that make you more employable, without needing years of experience behind you. Massive bonus: you get that warm fuzzy feeling from knowing you’re doing a good thing.

Not sure where to find volunteering opportunities?


O2 has teamed up with, the UK’s largest volunteering service, to create an app called Gro, which helps you find volunteering opportunities near where you live.

Using Gro, you’ll find opportunities in everything from community radio to retail. Getting involved in volunteering not only allows you to have a positive impact on your community but also give you skills which will make your CV stand out.

Not sure how to make the most of your volunteering experience when applying for a job?


Gro can help you there too. If you enter information into the app about what volunteering activities you’ve done, Gro produces keywords and skills you got from doing it, which you can then add to your CV. Simple.

And the best thing? It’s free. Download Gro here.

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