Nobody in their right mind loves attending a job interview (Congrats on being amongst the 0.02% of the UK population if you actually do), but what if you knew of a few ways in which you could be the most confident, switched-on version of yourself whenever you had to speak in front of others or give a presentation? Well at the recent uber-popular Big Interview event,  O2′s CEO Mark Evans and a whole bunch of O2 employees shared their favourite interview hacks with us. So next time you get called to speak in front of industry bosses or tutors, you’ll be able to wow ‘em with all your newly acquired interview knowledge.

Watch the video of some of our Big Interview experts and attendees offering their top tips for interview success here:

The Big Interview event was at the O2 HQ, and LOADS of young people turned up to learn from the best digital leaders in the biz and practice their interview skills with professional volunteers. After Mark Evans interviewed three young inspirational speakers live onstage, we managed to pin him down and get him to tell us what it’s really like to be a CEO and how young people aspiring to work alongside him can achieve their career goals. Check out the interview highlights below, and let Mark motivate you when it comes to mapping out your next big move, whatever that is…

Everyone’s work life balance is different

“I don’t have a delineation between one minute I’m working, one minute I’m not. If someone calls me on a Saturday I want to take that call because they want to talk to me and I feel like its my responsibility to engage. Everyone has to make the right judgement on how to get that balance. However, you can only be brilliant at work if you’re happy at home, that’s when the whole thing works.”

Interview hacks

Mark Evans

There’s no such thing as a typical day as a CEO

“One of the best parts of my job is that it’s incredibly diversified. One minute I’ll be talking to the government about our position in the sector, the next minute I’ll be standing in front of some very talented young people talking about Go Think Big, and other times I’m talking about the next product we want to launch to the market. So, a normal day – I’m not sure there is one! But I am an early bird, and I set my alarm for 5.30 am every morning. I love to start if I can, with a bit of exercise (I tend to go to the gym and it’s a mix of treadmill, cross-trainer and a little bit of weights). I believe in the mantra healthy body, healthy mind.”

Always question your purpose

“I actually don’t worry about what the future holds too far into the distance, because if you do, you won’t necessarily enjoy the here and now. But I do have three lenses that I ask myself and hold myself true to. The first one, I ask myself; ‘are you having fun?’ Because you’ll only be as good as you can be, if you’re enjoying it – I enjoy my work and have fun! Point two; am I making a difference? It doesn’t matter how big an organisation you work for, you want to feel when you leave at the end of the day, the place is better because of what you gave and how you contributed. The third lens; am I growing personally? The world around us continues to move on and strengthen and we owe it to ourselves to ensure that we too are developing and growing. You get these three things right and the right opportunities will come your way!”


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