Office a bit quiet? Work BFF not about? Stuck in a deserted wasteland of an office with only the radio and the cleaner for company and desperately wishing someone, ANYONE, would save you from this loneliness and tell you why no one is in the office?

We know why.

All of your colleagues are on holiday. “How come?” I hear you cry! “What a coincidence!” Nope.

All of your colleagues are on holiday because they’ve figured out that if you book off 14th April – 1st May this year, you get a WHOPPING 18 days off work and only have to use up nine days of your annual leave. S C O R E.

If it’s too late for you, don’t panic. We’re not just here to rub it in your face (while your boss, and your desk buddies, and the receptionist, and everyone in your office is busy rubbing in the sun cream, laying back on the beach and anticipating another SEVENTEEN days of paradise while you sit in your little cubicle picking up all the slack). We’re also here to tell you how to crack the system and stick it to the man (aka make the most of those bank holidays)…

Take 4 days, get 9

Book off 2nd May – 5th May, to enjoy sweeeeeeeeet freedom from your inbox from 29th April – 7th May.

Book off 30th May – 2nd June, and whack your out of office on for nine whole days from 27th May – 4th June.

Book off 29th August – 1st September, then handover nine days worth of work to the person you hate most in the office to cover 26th August – 3rd September.

Take 3 days, get 10

Book off 27th December – 29th December to get ten days in a row off at Christmas and only use up three days annual leave.

Ho, ho, ho! Just call us the annual leave angels. And don’t tell your boss it was us that told you.

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