You’ve been through the arduous application process, sweated through the interview and now you’re supposed to drop them a follow-up email to help yourself stand out even more. But what the hell do you write? Thankfully, we’ve spoken to an expert and come up with the perfect template…

Declan Collins is the resourcing manager for O2 in Telefónicas European People Services Centre, so is basically a Follow-Up Email Wizard (FUEW). We took his tips and turned them into the ideal email you can fire off to future employers.

NB: Timing is all important, and Declan recommends you ask towards the end of the interview when they’re going to be contacting successful candidates: “This gives you an idea of when to send the email - the most important thing is not to follow up too early or too late. Just ask ‘At what point do you think we’ll hear the outcome?’ so you’re not sending it two days later when they’re not looking for another week – or following up a month later when it’s lost impact,” he advises, sagely. 

Follow-up email

Important points to note in the above template, by Declan the Follow-Up Email Wizard

Keep it short: “It needs to be short and sweet, so bear in mind that the employer or hiring manager could have seen numerous candidates – keeping it to one or two paragraphs max (thanking them for their time, reaffirming your interest in the position, etc) is the best way to do it.”

Include a personal anecdote: “If there was something specific you discussed in the interview, or any follow-up info you might have alluded to, include that. Even just reiterating something you said or spoke about will help you stand out, and put you back in their minds.”

Maybe go for a handwritten note: “If it’s not a big corporate headquarters, and is a smaller, independent company then there’s no harm in dropping a handwritten note through the door. That can be a way of standing out and will guarantee it’ll get read - when was the last time you got a letter?!”

Be careful about the subject bar: “Something like ‘Thanks for your time’ works well, because it’s a nice gesture, but definitely don’t put ‘Follow-up for x, y,z’ because it may well go to the bottom of people’s priority list.”

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