Grounded, according the Merriam Webster dictionary means being: “mentally and emotionally stable : admirably sensible, realistic, and unpretentious.” And yet, often, we’re so busy in our lives that we forget to regularly check in with ourselves, resulting in us feeling less stable.

So how do you stay grounded? David Adesanya, a Go Think Big project leader, was one of 15 project leaders chosen for a scheme run by Create Jobs, an employability programme for young Londoners, along with Magnum Photos and the HudsonBec Group. The scheme aimed to level the playing field for under-represented young Londoners in the creative sectors. Over six weeks, the 15 young Londoners worked on a brief which asked them to respond to the question: ‘What Is Your London?’ David’s approach to this was to ask the people who inspired his body of work what grounds them. By understanding what grounded Londoners, he can see what needs to be done to tackle the issues Londoners face.


David provided some tips on how we can stay grounded below. And to get more self-care and wellness advice, make sure you come to our 2019 Ready event, too!

1. Find out what works for you

Let’s face it, we’re all different people. And that’s why when we’re stressed out, we take different avenues to get to our calm again. So think specifically about what makes you zen and is good for you. Discard those unhealthy habits, (junk food, not getting enough sleep, smoking) and replace them with actions that make sense to you. Like:

• Cooking your favourite dish
• Exercise – going for a bike ride or walk
• Listening to your favourite song.

Don’t just jump on something because it works for someone else. Yoga might calm your friend down, but it might not be your thing, and that’s OK. You might feel better by grabbing a book, or switching to your favourite TV programme. There’s no wrong thing to do.

2. The circle is everything

Who makes you feel good about yourself? Who challenges you in the right way? Who makes you laugh. This one’s a given – surround yourself with the ones that make you feel good and empowered – and things will fall into place.

3. Check in with yourself

It’s easy to get swept up in life and a job and paying rent, etc. Being burdened with the joys of adulthood can be great but can also get overwhelming. Be sure to check in with yourself, write to-do lists on a Sunday in prep for the week ahead, it can really help with making insurmountable tasks much more manageable.

4. Being busy does not equals being productive

Constantly working and not having time to yourself isn’t productivity. What usually happens here is that we end up burning out fairly quickly. We need to work smarter and not harder…

5. Time management

David knows that time management is the skill we all wish we had more of. By getting better at that, we can maximise our productivity. Check this article for more ways on how to get better at time management.

6. Do little things often

We’re not stupid, we know that reading this article isn’t going to completely change the way you think, and that you’re probably not going to take up cycling if you’ve never done it before. So start small. Embed those tiny actions that make you feel calm into your daily routine. It could be as simple as stretching before bed or having a green tea in the morning!

7. Know what you have control over

David knows that hard work can only go so far – sometimes there are things that you have no control over. You can’t determine how things go – the only thing we have control over is our attitude. Rest and take comfort in what grounds you – what grounds you is the only constant in an ever-changing world. The issues that you can’t control will emerge, so be ok with not having control over everything.

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