This article was written by Mayran Osman while on work experience with GoThinkBig.

I recently spent a day shadowing Feilim Mackle the Director of Consumer Sales and Services at O2. Despite the fact I don’t think I want to go into sales I learnt loads over the day and made some amazing contacts. Here’s some of the stuff we got up to and what I learnt:

Meetings, meetings and, erm, more meetings

Feilim started the day with a meeting with the CEO and founder of MindGym, Octavius, he runs this amazing company which ensures that companies get more from their people and employees get more from their work. They use different tactics to bring the best out in employers such as management master classes. Octavius has a real passion to bring the best out in people and I thought that was really helpful – we need more people like that in the world.

Customers come first

When you’re the Director of Consumer Sales and Services at O2, or indeed when you’re working in any role where you’re dealing with customers or clients, you have to always look at situations from the customer’s perspective and always put the customer’s needs first. This way you can get an idea of how the customer would like something and deliver great customer service. Additionally, if you deliver great customer service, your customers will be happy and tell others about their experience and hopefully more people will use your services and you’ll make more money. Win.

Competitors are important too

If you want to improve your company, competitors are an important aspect to consider, this way you have an idea of what route to take when adding new features to your company and bring fresh and engaging content. You also have to consider how well your competitors are doing, what they are doing right and methods to improve your company.

A radio interview

Feilim had a radio interview with Dominic Byrne (yep, him off the Radio 1 Breakfast Show) the interview was about different methods O2 could improve their customer service. I came up with the idea that Feilim could visit a random O2 store and introduce himself as The Director of Consumer Sales and Services, ask customers about their experience with O2 and ways to improve O2’s services – he mentioned it on the radio show, which was incredible!

Sometimes you need some advice

Even someone as senior as Feilim is at O2 doesn’t know everything about everything – he had to check in with colleagues from different departments before saying the wrong thing in his radio interview. When unsure about something business related, contact someone who is knowledgeable in that field, and can give you an expert opinion. This applies for most things in life, you shouldn’t be afraid to ask someone in a higher position for help. They will give you a reasonable opinion and this way you won’t make a fool of yourself.

Radio production

As well as learning loads about what the Director of Consumer Sales and Services does, I also got the chance to find out how a radio show works. Because it wasn’t going out live, it involved numerous takes when the hosts and radio presenters spoke too fast or there were technical issues. There was also lots of buttons being pressed and sliders being increased and decreased. A slider controls the volume of one sound source, such as a microphone, CD player, digital recorder, etc. Each slider channel has an on/off switch at the bottom and various switches at the top which can divert to more than one destination. (See, told you I learnt loads!)

Having spent a day with Feilim I can tell you this much: it takes years of hard work and perseverance to get to the top of a company. But it is a fun journey along the way, so enjoy that while you can and keep pushing yourself to be the best you can.

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