This feature was written by freelance journalist Georgina Lawton 

Millennials are a force to be reckoned with. According to a recent study of 7,700 of us by consultancy firm Deloitte, we now dominate the majority of the global workforce. But unlike previous generations, we don’t value loyalty to our employers half as much… In fact, most of us are planning to leave our current job within the next two years and want roles with flexibility, not security. Now, employers concerned about the ‘loyalty challenge’ are doing their best to keep young workers on board with a whole host of benefits and perks! We think this is definitely more than fair, considering how tough it can be for young people facing horrible things like zero-hours contracts and unpaid internships, and even the struggle just to get a job in the first place.

So, if you’re feeling a bit fed-up with your current role, you may want to look away now because we’ve rounded up six companies with the best work-life balance and the most amazing perks…

1. Airbnb


Sample UK salary: £65,969 (Marketing Manager)

Named Glassdoor’s Best Place To Work in 2016, the travel company provides all its employees with an annual salary of £1400 only for use on travel and stay in Airbnb spots (hello, holiday!). All employees are also allowed to bring their pets to work every day, have access to a free organic breakfast, lunch and dinner, a pingpong table, and weekly Yoga classes.

2. Google


Sample UK salary: £61, 631 (Software Engineer)

97% of employees really rate their benefits at Google – and it’s easy to see why. Forget packing ham sandwiches if you work here; there’s free food available at all their headquarters (and in the UK this includes access to a high-end Japanese restaurant). Google also arranges regular talks from motivational speakers and celebrities, free massages, weight management classes, and provides nap pods and snacks for when you need a little pick-me-up, too.

3. Netflix


Sample UK salary: £83, 243 (Netflix Manager)

Having a family and a full-time job is notoriously hard work, but Netflix strives to make that process a little easier for men and women. It gives its salaried employees an amazing 12 months of paid parental leave to take as they please, and as of 2016, their hourly workers also get paid parental leave for various lengths of time, depending on which sector they work in.

4. Jive


Sample UK salary: £42,934 (Sales Representative)

Rated 4.7 out of 5 for the Glassdoor employee rating on compensation and benefits, Jive has perks to rival that of the most corporate tech giants. This software company boasts an Xbox and pool table in their Reading headquarters and there’s shares in the company up for grabs. Plus, they also offer staff free food with days like “Bacon Thursday” and “Hot Food Friday” on the schedule. There’s also unlimited healthy snacks and drinks on offer, including coffee, beer and fizzy drinks.

5. MediaMath


Sample UK salary: £44,053 (Software Engineer)

According to reviews left on GlassDoor, this internet marketing company provides a special breast-feeding room onsite for mothers – which is pretty cool – as well as flexible working hours, unlimited food and drink, and social events.

6. Facebook


Sample UK salary: £86,050 (Software Engineer)

UK Facebook employees seriously rate the benefits at their company. Facebook has a 4.7 out of 5 rating on Glassdoor, and a survey last year revealed a whopping 97% of the company’s staff are happy with their current work situation. Facebook pays the most out of a list of 18 tech employers, and its workers are also the least stressed. The tech giant offers four months maternity and paternity leave, free food for breakfast, lunch and dinner (are you seeing a pattern here?), a gym allowance, and business class travel for certain employees.

Phewf… we’re off to go consider our options (a.k.a demand our boss puts some company money into a daily breakfast buffet).

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