So you’re here, at Uni. Staring adulthood well and truly in the face now, aren’t you? The magic and the mystery of freshers is so close you can almost taste it – and let me tell you from personal experience that freshers comes in three distinct flavours; cranberry vodka, pepperoni pizza and maybe a little bit of sick.

University is a brilliant creation, but in your first few weeks, freshers mistakes will happen. And that’s totally fine. Just go forth and mess up because most fresher faux pas’ are totally fine to make, and many of them are actually a rite of passage. Here are freshers mistakes it’s OK to make – and how to fix them…

Freshers Mistake #1: Under and over packing

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How It Happened:

You’ve brought 38 different room decorations (posters, pots, fairy lights), yet a worryingly sparse amount of cutlery (zero spoons – why?!).

How to fix it:

Being short of one thing whilst having ridiculous amount of something else is perfect when you’re sharing a communal space because you can mix and match with other people and laugh about how silly it was to bring 21 saucepans – remember; your mistakes are their gain (and vice versa!).


Freshers Mistake #2: Blowing your budget

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How it happened:

You feel it the first time you wheel a trolley around Tesco without your Dad’s instruction – no, not the trolley – those are the reigns of power in your hands! And don’t they make you feel ALIVE? Sadly, you become totally engulfed by this electrifying new power and in the first few weeks, manage to spend an entire term’s allowance on rum, instant noodles and turkey drumsticks.

How to fix it:

Budget better! (This skill, admittedly develops s-l-o-w-l-y as you get older but there’s a few things you can do to get better with money).  Try making a list before you go to the supermarket for example,  or read our handy guide to online food shopping to see how you can reduce your splurging habits or consider getting a part time job to go alongside all that partying (you will have time, we promise!).


Freshers Mistake #3:  Falling behind on lectures after less than 4 weeks

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How it happened:

You’re leading a life without routine, purpose or structure. You sleep so much that you’re considering adding it to your student resume under ‘skills’. Life is so good that you’ve got up at 3pm for the past six days in a row – but aren’t you here to complete that little thing called a…degree? Oh yeah.

How to fix it:

Freshers mistakes like this one are easy to fix; everyone skims on lectures sometimes and (nearly) everyone feels bad about it at some point. Why not buddy up with a course friend and motivate each other to attend with text reminders and morning alarms? That way you’ll be able to hold each other accountable and when one of you does inevitably miss something, hopefully the other will be on hand to help you catch-up, too.


Freshers Mistake #4: Missing your parents, your friends your dog and the goldfish, because you haven’t clicked with anyone yet

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How it happened:

University can be tough and you probably won’t know who your true squad is until a few weeks in – which funnily enough, is when you decide who you want to live with in second year. In-between all the partying and swapping of life stories, it’s easy to miss home.

How to fix it:

To ensure you aren’t stuck with housemates from hell for the next year, branch out and chat to as many people as possible to ensure you get the best chance of securing good friends for the next three years. Join societies and sports clubs, speak to people outside your halls or get a part-time job. Create the widest social circle you can – and also call home when you feel a bit down, because your parents probably miss you too…


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